Where Do You Want to Live Off Grid?

Where Do You Want to Live Off Grid? Well…that depends. Do you have an idea of where you can live off grid? What are your requirements? Land, obviously? But where? Where in the USA do you want to live off grid? what are you going to do for water? Are you going to haul water? […]

Awesome $33k Tiny House Can Be Ready To Move Into In 2 Days!

There are all sorts of tiny homes on the market these days, some of which can still cost you almost six figures, which in some markets, can be equal to or even more than traditional housing. There are also a large number of ideas that aim to make tiny homes more affordable, either by using […]

Simple River Turbine Systems Could Power Your Off Grid Lifestyle.

Solar and wind get most of the attention when it comes to renewable energy these days. After all, we can see huge turbines and solar farms popping up in more and more areas, so of course they tend to be the ones that get our attention. Still, when it comes to generating power from nature, […]

How To Make a Living Off Grid & Online

Do you want to earn some extra money each month? Have you ever wanted to make a living from home? You can make a living online while living off the grid. Making a living off grid and online is much different from making money while living off the grid. It’s not the same thing. Sure, […]

Urban Farming Takes To The Rooftops

With more focus being put on nutrition, fresh food, and supplying food to urban areas that often have large areas that qualify as “food deserts”(an area where grocery stores and access to fresh produce and meat is limited or otherwise restricted, often leaving convenience stores as the main source for grocery shopping), there has been […]

Amazing Real Life “Hobbit Holes”, Can Be Built In As Little As 3 Days!

Given the amount of money they made, it is safe to say that many of you reading this probably have seen either The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings movies, or read the books on which they were based. One of the more memorable visuals is actually something that can be built in the […]

Awesome 800sqft 3D Printed Home Can Be Constructed For Only $4k

How do you build a 2 bedroom, 800 square-foot, energy efficient house that can withstand severe storms and that costs only $4,000? That’s a tough one, oh, and you only have 24 hours to do it! Say what? That’s impossible! Well, my friend, welcome to the 21st century: the age of the 3D printer. Just […]

California May Require Solar On All New Homes Starting In 2020

On Wednesday, May 9th 2018, California could become the first state, and possibly the first government of any type in the world, to require solar panels for the construction of all new homes. This is no small feat when you realize that California is now the world’s 5th largest economy and that other states in […]

Tesla & Solar City Win Fight Against Greedy Anti-Solar Utility Company In Arizona Is also a Win For Consumers Going Off Grid.

Tesla recently won a lawsuit it inherited when it obtained Solar City a few years ago. The lawsuit was against an Arizona utility company over fees they were charging to those who were installing solar power and battery systems in the state of Arizona. Such fees are not uncommon in many states these days, and […]

Vertical Farming, The Future of Farming?

Vertical farming is a topic we have covered before. Usually we talk about the higher yields, the shorter harvest times, and the fact that you need fewer resources, such as soil, water, and even light, in order to grow food using vertical farming techniques. All of that is true, and it can be a great […]

Homes Made From Discarded Plastic For Under $300

As the world faces increasing pollution, especially from plastics, and a severe lack of adequate housing for up to a billion people, some companies are looking to make an impact in solving both problems with a single solution. By using plastics that would otherwise end up in landfills, or as pollution, possibly in our waterways […]

A Small Town In Texas Is Taking The Lead To Train Students For A Career In Wind.

Renewable energy is one of the fastest growing employment sectors in the U.S., a trend which isn’t likely to end to anytime soon. With this growth, comes a need for properly trained workers, especially wind turbine technicians, which usually requires either a technical school degree or an associates. These are often decent paying jobs, which […]

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