Amazing New HydroPanel Generates 10 Liters of Clean Drinking Water Daily From Thin Air


Amazing new tech generates 10 liters of water per day from thin air! One thing we all need to survive is clean and safe drinking water. It is also the one thing most under threat from pollution, climate change, and even the overconsumption by corporate interests. Without clean and safe drinking water, life as we know not only gets more difficult, it ceases to exist.

The question then becomes how can we have access to the water we all need in order to survive and thrive when it is becoming a scarce resource and only looks to become even more difficult to find as we move further into the future?

We’ve got some options, but most require huge investment from governments or corporations, which leaves us at their mercy. Seeing as how governments have been slow to act to protect and provide for the average citizen in even the most basic ways, it’s understandable to be skeptical that they are going to step in with the investment needed to fund large scale desalination or other methods anytime soon.

Corporations could fill that gap, but only if the profit motive makes it worth their effort and yet they continue to use up our limited fresh water supply to bottle it and sell it back to us or use in other products. Water should be a human right, not a profit driven commodity.

This leaves us with a need for smaller scale and more personal options to ensure that we all have the water we need for us and our families. The good news is, such small scale solutions do exist.

One of which is SOURCE from Zero Mass Water.

The SOURCE system is fully off grid capable and can produce over twenty 16.9 oz bottles of water per day using a two unit system.

They resemble solar panels, and in fact, they are powered by solar energy, alongside a battery to produce water on cloudy days. They work by removing water directly from the air, but they still work in arid environments.

These panels work much the same way as a dehumidifier but without the need to connect to the grid and it produces clean and safe drinking water. The power is supplied by the built in solar panels, which produces the energy needed to lower the temp inside the unit to cause condensation.

The company is based in Tempe, AZ which means they have been tested in the dry Southwestern climate and they work rather well. Most homes will get plenty of drinking water from a two unit system, but they can be scaled to provide even more water with more connected units. It really depends on your needs.

They are not intended to provide every drop of water for your home, but with enough SOURCE units, it could be done.