Where Do You Want to Live Off Grid?

Where Do You Want to Live Off Grid? Well…that depends. Do you have an idea of where you can live off grid? What are your requirements? Land, obviously? But where? Where in the USA do you want to live off grid? what are you going to do for water? Are you going to haul water? […]

How To Make a Living Off Grid & Online

Do you want to earn some extra money each month? Have you ever wanted to make a living from home? You can make a living online while living off the grid. Making a living off grid and online is much different from making money while living off the grid. It’s not the same thing. Sure, […]

The Cost of Solar Panels Are Going Up, Will Cost You More To Live Off Grid

The cost of your solar panels are GOING UP! I don’t care what side of the fence you’re on politically, THIS is BAD for sustainable energy and off grid living! The costs are already high enough to discourage and prevent many hard working folks from being able to put solar on their homes and make […]

6 Simple Foods That Fight Inflammation

“Foods that fight inflammation – Doctors are learning that one of the best ways to quell inflammation lies not in the medicine cabinet, but in the refrigerator.” – Harvard.edu So, apparently all this skepticism that natural cures don’t work is just that. Oh, and before you go and say, “Preventative maintenance is not a cure.” […]

Should Children Be Taught How To Grow Food As Part of Their Schooling?

Do you think children should be taught how to grow food as part of their schooling? That is a very good question this day and age. It’s really something I think we should be thinking about as parents. Modern times bring with it wonderful new innovative technology and exciting new inventions. Modern technology has advanced […]

Ugly Duckling Shipping Container Home Built by Artist Is a Beautiful Swan on the Inside

This shipping container home might be the ugly duckling on the outside, but the inside screams beautiful swan. Design meets function meets artistic style. It may not look spectacular on the outside, but what it lacks in appeal on the exterior, it more than makes up for inside. It’s not really ugly on the outside, […]

101 Reasons To Live Off Grid

101 Reasons to Live Off The Grid – People go off grid for all kinds of reasons, the biggest one I think is that people seem to think life will be easier, less stressful and perhaps even make them happier. Well, it’s WORK, and work is a four letter word. It’s not easy, it’s not […]

Is Poop Power The Future Of Renewable Energy?

Poop power might be the future of energy. Yes, for real, this is a seriously real thing. There are companies out there that are manufacturing poop charcoal which is then used to to create power and ever to cook. And Colorado is even considering options on how to turn human waste (methane) into fuel to […]

Makers of ‘Saltwater Battery That Can Power Your Off Grid Home For 10 Years’ Returns to Production in 2018

Aquion Energy, the makers of a saltwater battery that can power your off grid home for 10 years is returning to production in 2018 according to a recent press release on their website. “Aquion Energy is excited to announce its return to the market in 2018. An improved AHI product based on the S-Line and […]

17 Ways To Make Money While Living Off Grid

Here’s how you can make money while living off grid. This list is designed to give you some ideas and inspire some creative thinking on ways to make a living from home while living off grid. There are many reasons for this, the first and perhaps most important is it frees you up to move […]

3 Month Long Blackout, Half of Puerto Rico Still Without Power After Hurricane Maria

So do you remember hurricane Maria? Yeah, most people have forgotten about it..mostly because it doesn’t affect them. Nearly half of Puerto Rico is still without power after the hurricane slammed into the Caribbean island. If this had been mainland USA I’d be willing to bet that the power would be on by now. But […]

12 Steps How To Build a Cozy 1720sqft Solar Powered Shipping Container Cabin with Living Roof

This 1720 square foot cabin is made from reclaimed wood and two recycled shipping containers. The cabin comes with 2 140 square foot lofts on either end of the home, and sports a living roof for growing fresh organic fruits and veggies. This step by step guide will go into simple detail of each stage […]

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