Fastest Growing Vegetables and Fruits for Your Garden


Growing your veggies is cool, but waiting for them to be ready? Not so much. Some take forever! What if you want fresh produce ASAP? Well, we have got your back. This guide is all about quick-growing veggies and fruits – no waiting around for months. We will spill the beans (pun intended) on what you can grow super fast, so you can enjoy your homegrown goodies without the endless waiting game. Let’s explore the speedy side of gardening!

Sunflower Shoots – About 12 Days

Our speedy gardening journey starts with an unexpected star – sunflower shoots. Surprising as it may sound, these belong to the sunflower family, specifically the Jerusalem artichoke. They are not just ornamental but also edible and delightful.

Here’s the quick and easy guide on how to handle them: Plant a handful of sunflower seeds in a large tray, about two inches deep. No need to wait around for maturity as these shoots are ready to dazzle your taste buds in just 12 days. Keep the soil moist, and once those tiny shoots sprout their first leaves, it is munching time.

Be swift in your harvest because waiting too long turns them bitter. So, embrace the sunflower shoot and enjoy a delicious and nutritious addition to your rapid-growing garden.

Microgreens — About 14-25 Days

Microgreens are the ultimate fast crop that can go from seed to plate in a mere 14 to 25 days. These pint-sized wonders that include arugula, broccoli, mustard, mizuna, and kale, emerge as baby vegetable or herb seedlings bursting with nutrients.

For a speedy and successful homegrown batch, opt for seeds explicitly labeled for microgreens. This ensures top-notch quality and germination that guarantees satisfaction. The process is straightforward: generously sow seeds in a shallow tray with soilless media, lightly cover, and maintain adequate moisture until harvest.

To achieve compact and robust microgreens especially if your window lacks a southern view or during winter, consider adding supplemental bright lighting. This efficient and nutrient-packed growth from seed to table makes microgreens an ideal addition to your kitchen. They offer freshness and flavor in just a matter of days.

Radishes — About 21 Days

If you crave a quick, crunchy addition to your garden, look no further than radishes. Renowned for their simplicity and speedy growth, these vibrant vegetables can grace your plate in just 21 days. This makes them one of the fastest-growing delights you can pick.

The beauty of radishes lies not only in their taste but also in their versatility. Plant them anytime between 50ºF and 65ºF — there is no need to wait for a specific season. Radish seeds are quick off the mark, with leafy green shoots appearing a mere three or four days after planting. For a continuous supply of these crispy salad favorites, consider a weekly planting routine. With radishes, you get a perfect blend of simplicity, speed, and flavor. They are simply a must-have in your garden for a constant harvest of crunchy goodness!

Arugula — About 28 Days

For a burst of spicy, earthy, and subtly sweet flavors in your salads or sandwiches, turn to arugula. This is a swift seed that matures into baby, salad-size leaves in as little as 28 days.

The versatility of arugula goes beyond its rapid growth. Resilient to cool soil temperatures, it often takes the lead in sprouting during the spring garden season. Harvest the tender baby leaves for weeks until the plant decides to bolt, signaling its transition to a spicier, heartier profile.

Here is a pro tip: in hot weather, strategically plant arugula in the shade of larger plants to delay bolting. Maximizing your harvest is simple – reseed multiple times throughout the growing season as this ensures a continuous supply of fresh and tender arugula leaves. This culinary gem proves that you don’t need to wait long for vibrant and complex flavors in your garden-to-plate journey.

Scallions — About 21 Days

While onions may demand six months to reach maturity, scallions are the perpetual givers of the crop world. Grown from seed, these vibrant green delights are ready for your plate in a mere 21 days.

Harvesting scallions is a quite easy– go for the cut-and-come-again method. Once the green shoot hits the six-inch mark, snip it just above the soil line and add instant freshness to your salads or soups. The beauty of scallions lies in their continuous generosity. Harvesting doesn’t mean their end — the plant will keep producing throughout the season and often for years.

Scallions are an excellent pick for your garden as they are quick to sprout and show their resilience. Even in the chilliest climates, they emerge as early spring heralds and persist as the last green warriors standing in the fall frost. With scallions, you get a rapid and enduring source of flavor that elevates your culinary creations in just three short weeks.

Spinach — About 28 Days

One of the most common vegetables you can opt for in your garden spinach, a cool-weather pick that graces your table in a mere 28 days post-germination. Thriving in cooler spring and fall temperatures, spinach is the epitome of efficiency in your garden.

The beauty of spinach lies in its resilience. Seeds can be sown in the spring, even when the nights are freezing. This is a testament to its hardy nature. For a continuous harvest, adopt the method of removing up to ⅓ of the leaves from each plant. This helps preserve the central growing point. As a result, the spinach will keep producing until the heat of summer or the biting cold finally puts a halt to its hardy growth.

Here is a quick tip you might not know: a touch of frost in the fall actually enhances the sweetness of spinach. To savor this sweet boost, make sure to pick the leaves only after they have thawed out during the day. Spinach, with its rapid growth and versatility, transforms your garden into a space of homegrown goodness within just 28 days!

The Bottom Line

When looking for some quick-growers to fill your garden, these options will work perfectly. From sunflower shoots in 12 days to scallions and spinach in 21-28 days, your garden can be a harvest haven in no time. Elevate your plate with freshness without the long wait!