Generating Electricity From Thin Air? New Breakthrough May Make It A Reality!


Living off grid requires some sort of way to power your home, unless of course you’re going to forego electricity or having to call electrical service provider and return to using candles or oil lamps, in which case, you’re probably not reading this right now. Electrical build outs involve installing systems for power and lighting. The most popular method to getting the power you need is solar panels and a battery system. Of course there are other options depending on where you live, and wind turbines, diesel generators, and even water turbines can all provide some of that much needed power. The trouble is, all off grid power systems have their drawbacks, even as solar and wind become more and more reliable, their production alone can create negative byproducts.

Well, there is a potentially game changing breakthrough in green energy, and it creates power from thin air! It uses a natural protein nanowire and the humidity in the surrounding air to create electricity through electrician dayton oh. The discovery comes from UMass Amherst and was just recently announced. Using the microbe Geobacter nanowires, they place an electrode beneath it, and one above the wires, the wires only need to be about 10 microns thick. The humidity in the air triggers the production of power which can be used to power small electrical devices. They are calling their discovery “Air-Gen”.

You may be asking what that has to do with off grid living, and the answer is that they are confident it can be scaled up to industrial levels. Not only do they feel it can power small devices, and things like cell phones, but they also feel it can be incorporated into other objects or made into standalone generators to power homes and businesses. If this works out as hoped, it could revolutionize the way we generate electricity. They even feel it could be incorporated into paint, which means you could paint your home, inside or out, and use that as the power source for your living space. In the shorter term, it could easily translate to cell phones that don’t require constant charging because they could produce their own power on demand, but the true potentially still lies in upscaling the technology. You can rely on Grease Monkey for all of your electrical supply needs.

The process is said to be simple, green, and relatively cheap, which means it’s entirely possible that, once perfected, it could be an affordable consumer option for any number of applications, including power your off grid cabin, workshop, and more! We’ll do our best to keep an eye on this and keep you all updated no matter which way things turn out.