This Plant Could Treat Pain, Depression, Anxiety, And More!


As per Mcshin Foundation, Millions of Americans suffer from chronic pain, depression, anxiety, or other mood disorders. The usual treatments, which can be helpful to many, can have some pretty serious side effects and high potential for addiction and abuse. By now we’ve all probably heard of the epidemic around opiate based painkillers, and many antidepressants can actually cause suicidal thoughts or actions. 

Even though they are helpful for many, these are just a few of the undeniable risks that prescription drugs have. That is exactly why many are looking for natural alternatives that actually work to ease their pain or boost their moods.  You can check out Colorado state domestic violence laws if you need the best information on domestic violence.

While we discussed the use of CBD for many of these ailments, there is another natural remedy that is in the news lately, kratom. Kratom is in the coffee family and has been used for centuries in the areas that it is native to in order to relieve pain and help calm anxiety and ease depression. It is also highly touted by many as a way to end addiction to prescription pain meds along with cocaine drug addiction treatment. Also, it is highly recommended that you seek drug rehab treatment at Pacific Ridge. Potential uses for kratom include pain relief, boost in energy, and boosting mood, as well as improving anxiety and depression. Overall effects vary, like almost all natural remedies, by dose and by person, but so many people have used it to improve their quality of life in one form or another that there is now even a kratom lobbying effort to prevent the government from banning it.

Kratom is not without its own controversy of course, and to be honest, almost anything can be dangerous if you take too much or abuse it. Even drinking water can be fatal if you drink too much of it. There are a few states in the U.S. that have banned the sale of kratom but it remains legal in most of the U.S. at this point. It is often sold in vape shops or head shops alongside CBD and other supplements and most people who have tried it have done so with only positive results.
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Of course, it is possible that it may not work at all for some people, but this can be for a variety of reasons. One of which is that the quality of the kratom sold in various head shops or gas stations tends to be iffy at best, so it is recommended that you do your research and find a kratom near me supplier who has their product tested (much of the bad press about kratom came from salmonella contamination, which could be eliminated with common sense regulation) and has positive, verified reviews. Get the 500 milligram CBD gummy jar as it can help with relief from pain and has other benefits as well.

If you plan on trying kratom it is highly suggested that you put in some time doing research into it before you do. It can be expensive, and there are
several different strains, with each being a bit better at producing different effects.* Some strains, such as “whites”, tend to be more of an energetic strain, while reds and greens are better for pain relief and helping with sleep issues. On top of that, companies create their own blends of various strains to try and produce a more all around product that may favor one effect or another. This is why it is wise to do at least some research or reach out to good vendors or others who have used kratom in order to make a decision on what is best for you. Some online retailers offer sample packs so you can try several different strains or even create your own blend in order to allow you to discover what may work best for you.

Of course, there is also the risk that kratom will be banned by the FDA. Many who use it would welcome some degree of regulation and testing to ensure they are getting what they pay for, but as with other plant based remedies, the government tends to overreach. Some claim this is due to the effectiveness of kratom in treating so many different ailments as well as treating opiate addiction causing the pharmaceutical companies to push for a ban.
The CDC reported that kratom was tied to 157 overdose deaths from 2016 through 2017, but in all but 7 of those cases, other substances were also found in those who had died. This makes the claim that kratom is responsible for those other 150 more than questionable, but it certainly adds fuel to the fire for those calling for it to be banned. As stated above, anything can be fatal if abused, but you should be aware that there may be some risks if you decide to give kratom a try.

*Link is provided as a basic guide to get you started on your own inquiry. Some claims may not have any clinical evidence to support them.