Gorgeous Modern Tiny Home In Australia!


For some people, when they think about tiny homes, the word that may come to mind is “limited”, after all, there is limited space, limited accommodations, limited areas that may even allow you to build and live in one, but for those who have caught the tiny home bug, they know that more often, the only real limitations are your own imagination and ingenuity.

The styles, sizes, ways to maximize your storage and living space, all have more options than many may first realize. There are tiny homes on wheels, there are tiny homes built on small plots or land or on multiple acres, they can be box shaped or domes and pretty much anything in between. If you also want to build a tiny home that has all the features you need, you may consider hiring a custom home builder. It’s one of the great pros of embarking on a custom home construction project—by hiring custom home builders, the end result will be your dream home.

This Australian couple built their tiny dream home on a nice plot of land with a great view. They created a sleek and modern style tiny home with a spacious outdoor deck space for when they have company over. They are also planning to put up folding arm awnings Melbourne for sun protection and additional style. Get professional-looking results with these composite decking installation tips, including tools and materials needed, and step-by-step instructions.

They even went all out and built a separate, yet connected, “cat run” for their two cats that allows them to enjoy the outdoors, get exercise, and keep from having to have a litter box inside their tiny home. Check out the video to see more details on their DIY tiny home build.