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Crazy Hippy Dude Builds 100 Sq Foot Tiny House For Less Than $1,500!

How much space do you need to live? It’s not as easy of a question as it may seem, and the answer can vary...

Awesome $33k Tiny House Can Be Ready To Move Into In 2 Days!

There are all sorts of tiny homes on the market these days, some of which can still cost you almost six figures, which in...
Image Credit: Compass Green https://compassgreen.com/

Amazing Real Life “Hobbit Holes”, Can Be Built In As Little As 3 Days!

Given the amount of money they made, it is safe to say that many of you reading this probably have seen either The Hobbit...

New 3D Printed Home Can Be Printed in 24 Hours and Costs Only $4,000!

Worldwide there are over a billion people who lack adequate and safe housing. One of the problems has always been how to provide it...

Go Back To Basics With The Barefoot Caravan

There is always a bit of nostalgia in the world, a longing for a when times seemed better, or simply something that reminds of...


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