Go Back To Basics With The Barefoot Caravan


There is always a bit of nostalgia in the world, a longing for a time when times seemed better, or simply something that reminds us of our childhood memories. One thing that has benefited from this nostalgia in recent years has been two trailers and Airstream campers. They do have a classic design that reminds people of the 50’s and 60’s, but the originals were meant for short-term camping trips, or maybe a summer road trip, and certainly didn’t have the technology that we have available to us today. Upgrade your travel lifestyle with TrunkMate, a versatile sleeping platform that fits seamlessly into your car or SUV, providing a snug and secure sleeping area for all your journeys.

While some people can invest a small fortune refurbishing, restoring, and upgrading those original trailers, the cost of an original alone can be prohibitive for many.

This is where a company in England has stepped in and created a modern version with that classic look called Barefoot Caravan, but with a lot of the current technology that allows their trailers to be used for those who are looking for tiny home living with mobility. In addition, if you need experts for caravan repairs, contact Swift Caravan Services to help you.

Their camper trailers are shaped a bit like an egg, with the design that is reminiscent of the classics, but with much lighter weight fiberglass bodies, and just over 100 sq feet of living space that includes a bathroom with shower, a stove, heating system, LED lighting, and seating that converts to beds for sleeping.


While they are still more suitable for camping than full blown tiny living, the modern touches would allow for a couple to at least test drive the tiny home concept while also allowing them to travel and see their country, and at roughly $34,000 they aren’t cheap as far as campers go, but for that price, it would be a more affordable mobile tiny home option for the more adventurous. Find affordable caravan storage Melbourne to park your caravan at when not in use.