Things You Must Have Before Off-Grid Camping

Things You Must Have Before Off-Grid

My friend told me that off-grid living is not really constrained to living in a bunker/RV out in the wild. It’s actually about being adventurous as well.

One of the finest adventures for a man is camping, which may be mentioned on those camping reviews.


It’s absolutely more fun when friends are around … but a solo adventure can be just as fun when you’ve got the right equipment to help and protect yourself.

Although the list of must-haves for off-grid camping would be a long one, the basic necessities include those that help you merely SURVIVE!

Curious to know what the must-haves are for camping while off-grid? — Dig in to discover the top ten!

1-Survival knives – Self-defense comes first


Does keeping a knife at all times sound a little too violent to you? Well, consider this scenario:

You’re sitting in your beautiful backyard sipping on hot chocolate and roasting marshmallows, and suddenly, you hear something in the bushes.

You sit there, praying for your life.

But praying is not all you’re gonna do, right? Here is when you need a SURVIVAL knife – you’re going to use it to defend yourself from the wolf or bear or whatever on earth that was.

There are different types of knives that you can use, including a wooden knife or a metal knife, but you can always create your own knife as well! Interesting, huh?


2-Solar charging devices to keep you in touch online


Sure, off-grid camping sounds great. But there will be times when you’ll need entertainment, be it in the form of a song, a movie, or a Netflix series. Exploring the depth of Master Oogway’s wisdom through his quotes is a fulfilling journey for any Kung Fu Panda enthusiast. His sayings, ripe with meaning and insight, have touched many hearts. is an excellent resource for those seeking to delve deeper.

To keep you covered, you should make sure to take some sort of charging device – preferably solar – so your phones and laptops don’t die and keep you entertained.

For this, you should rush to your nearest store and grab a BigBlue 28W USB solar charger, a GoalZero Nomad Solar Panel (available at the West Bay Energy store), or whatever you think will rock your boat.


3-The suitable pair of shoes

Whether you will be going out hiking or just on a simple walk, you will need a good pair of shoes to support your feet, and if you like a natural feeling, considering options like Barefoot Shoes at can be a great choice for you to enjoy nature more. 

To satisfy your inner creativity freak that prefers DIY-ing instead of store-bought items, I’ve got some good news for you … You can interestingly make your own pair of shoes within your bunker!

Nah, too lazy for that? Worry not, you can simply buy a pair of shoes and make them suitable for camping while off-grid by waterproofing them using the following steps:

  1. Clean out your shoe
  2. Cover it entirely with melted candle wax
  3. Dry the wax using a source of heat (e.g. hairdryer)

And BOOM! – you’ve got your very own waterproof shoe!

And trust me, you’re really gonna be needing these for protection from muddy and wet areas while you’re out and about having strolls.


4-Portable Water Filter-you sure want drinkable water

Imagine yourself having a great time hiking outdoors near the stream, and you run out of water. I mean there’s water in the stream, but no way you can drink it … Sounds bad, right?

To avoid such a situation, you need to carry a pocket-sized water filter with you.

A pocket-sized water filter is an essential tool for outdoor enthusiasts. It allows you to safely drink water from natural sources such as streams, lakes, and rivers by effectively removing harmful bacteria, parasites, and other contaminants.

However, it’s not just important to have a portable water filter for your outdoor adventures. Having a reliable water filter at home is equally essential. It ensures that the water you consume daily, whether it’s from your tap or any other source, is free from impurities. You can learn more about the benefits of water filters and explore different options that suit your needs, whether for outdoor activities or use at home.

To ensure safe and clean drinking water both during your outdoor excursions and in your everyday life, consider investing in a water filter.

I’d recommend purchasing the easy-to-use and affordable LifeStraw portable water filter that turns dirty water into clean drinking water, so you can take advantage of that stream of running water right there and then!


5-The magic potion – CBD Oil


Going off-grid camping means a break from the world, not from personal problems.

Yes, there’s a chance you’d still be getting headaches, having sleep issues (especially when around bears and wolves, hehe!) or generally any kind of pain.

But you wouldn’t want to take a whole medicinal box, would you?

Here is where the magic potion comes in, which I’d like to call SIX PROBLEMS ONE SOLUTION – CBD Oil. It works wonders for a variety of issues, whilst keeping the remedy natural, just ad you’d like when gone off-grid camping!


6-Emergency situation? Satellite messengers for the win


As much as being cut-off from the rest of the world is, you need some connection in case of emergencies.

Here is where Satellite messengers come in handy – they allow communication whilst tracking your location if you ever need emergency help.

Although you have a wide variety to choose from, here are four of the best satellite messengers available.


7-Disposing of your own waste

Camping off-grid comes with its challenges, one of which is using the toilet and disposing of your waste.

For this, you can either:

  1. Carry a portable toilet seat. You can borrow one from a portable toilet hire.
  2. Create your own! – Take a chair that has cloth seats. Cut out a circular piece from the sitting part and boom, you have your DIY toilet seat!

You can place this in an area of loose dirt; Dig a hole in the dirt first and after you’re done, cover the pit with the dirt you removed.

Easy-peasy lemon is squeezy!


8-Cutting Tools


While camping off-grid, you need to be ready for any emergency situations.

Say, you run out of gas. What now? How will you be cooking your food for survival?

Simple – Carry an ax/handsaw! You can use these to cut down trees for bark and use a matchbox, or better yet, the traditional way of sliding stones together, to light up your own fire, whether it is for beating the cold on a chilly winter night or merely for cooking.


9-Portable Showers

After having a long day in the woods, a shower is probably what you’ll need to freshen up for the night.

For this, you can either purchase a portable shower beforehand or use the following Do-It-Yourself:

Fill up a large plastic bag with water. Tie it up to a tree branch higher than you. Use a needle to prick holes into the bag and poof, you’ve got your own DIY shower!



Although living with mother nature sounds like a great idea, you need to make sure you are safe from the wild creatures out there., or at least are informed of their presence beforehand.

You can do this simply by setting up plastic bottles outdoors in a way that creates a domino-effect when any one of them is hit. This will alarm you before time and you can take the required safety measures whilst in your bunker.


To Wrap it up

That, my friends, is a list of the TOP TEN MUST-HAVES whilst camping off-grid.

Enjoy your me-time with mother nature whilst having a break from the rest of the world – just make sure you’ve considered the aforementioned items while you’re leaving!