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Hi, I am Shahraz, nice to meet you! I am a freelance content writer currently living in Lahore, Pakistan, half American half Pakistani. I like to bring the best of both worlds into my article which is known for its sophisticated simplicity and thoughtful details. I started writing in 2012 when I fell in love with my pen. I was the Youngest ever Pakistani to win the best writer of the year award from the Islamabad Times in 2016. My passion for the pen has urged me to write more and more. I enjoy a good cup of coffee, watching good movies & tv shows,and reading novels.
Is Off-Grid Living Right For You-offgridliving.net

Is Off-Grid Living Right For You?

Living in a serene place away from the hectic city life while being as self-sufficient and environmentally-friendly as possible – the idea...
offgridliving.net-emergency planning

Off-Grid Emergency Planning

Off-grid emergency planning is a highly critical and essential factor to be considered. Living off-the-grid means living without public utilities. This livelihood...

Off-Grid Security: Living the Safe Off-Grid Life

When going off-grid, one of the main concerns is off-grid security. Living off the grid may be appealing to many. Such a lifestyle...
Embodying nature-life in offgrid eartrhships-offgridliving.net

Embodying Nature: Life in Off-Grid Earthships

Life in Off-grid Earthships really does personify nature – one of the most fascinating parts of off-grid living. Now that you are...
Job and Off-Grid Living, together-offgridliving.net

Job and Off-Grid Living, together?

Living off-grid but don't know how to have a job? That's one of the main concerns for people living off-grid because of course...
Things you must know before going off grid-offgridiving.net

Things You Must Know Before Going Off-Grid

While I might be the most staunch supporter of off-grid living, I still won't ask you to go without reading these things...
choosing the best offgridliving.net

Choosing the Best Off-Grid Location

Imagine … you're living on your own with your little family and pet, without worrying about this world and particularly, away from...
5 Awesome Ways to Make Money While Living Off-Grid-offgridliving.net

5 Awesome Ways to Make Money While Living Off-Grid

No matter you need it or not, in the end, it’s NOT A CHOICE. Don’t get me wrong. Living off the grid...
5 Best US States to Live Off the Grid-offgridliving.net

5 Best US States to Live Off the Grid

When you ask what are the best US states to live off the grid, you’re actually asking a question with...
Off-grid Tiny Cabins and Vacation Homes-offgridliving.net

Off-Grid Tiny Cabins and Vacation Homes

Living and camping off-grid. Does this sound like a very organic, stress-free life that will help you disconnect from the world...
Homeschool_ Education Off-Grid for Your Children-offgridliving.net

Homeschool: Education Off-Grid for Your Children

One afternoon when you’re relaxing in your cabin you suddenly realize that you’ve got a child to educate and in...
Things You Must Have Before Off-Grid Camping-offgrdiliving.net

Things You Must Have Before Off-Grid Camping

My friend told me that off-grid living is not really constrained to living in a bunker/RV out in the wild....