Is Off-Grid Living Right For You?

Is Off-Grid Living Right For

Living in a serene place away from the hectic city life while being as self-sufficient and environmentally-friendly as possible – the idea of off-grid living is really getting the better of you … but you’re still confused about your decision.

It really is understandable for you to be in two minds about it. I mean, it’s a life-changing decision you’re going to make.

So, let’s discuss whether off-grid living is right for you or not.

Off-grid Living – It’s A Simple Lifestyle

Going off-the-grid means choosing that simple lifestyle. You’ll be growing your food, using conventional security methods, and harvesting your water. You may even end up using the bartering (or trading) system in place of making actual purchases – that’s how simple it gets.

As you would’ve guessed, you need to love that sort of life to go off-grid.

Therefore, the first question you should ask yourself is, “am I genuinely passionate about that simple, old-school, and conventional life?” … If your answer is in the affirmative, off-grid living is your thing.

Up for that independent life? Off-grid living is right for you!

Going off-grid means you’ll be living entirely on your own. You’re not gonna depend on public utilities such as electricity supply. Not only that but the modern central heating system or even the waste-management systems that are used in the city won’t come in handy here.

In short, you’re going to be doing everything on your own. And by everything, I mean every single thing.

If the statement above interested you rather than intimidating you or scaring you off, you know off-grid living is right for you.

Off-grid Living And Self-sufficiency Go Hand In Hand

Do you have those gardening skills? Can you protect yourself in adverse situations? Can you harness renewable energy?

These are some questions that you need to respond to confidently with a ‘yes’ to make sure off-grid living is right for you. It’s going to be a self-sufficient life, and you need to be prepared for it.

I mean, you can’t just go off-grid without having a proper plan in place.

Imagine you start your beautiful, peaceful life in the woods. At once, your tummy grumbles, and you go like, “where are the carrots and peas I’m frying for dinner tonight?” or even worse, “let’s order some food” – that’s not how it works.

Before deciding to go off-grid, you need to ensure you have the necessary gardening skills to grow your food. Oh, and cooking skills too, unless you wanna eat your veggies raw.

You should also have some self-defence mechanisms, basic literacy of harnessing renewable energy, the willingness to do DIYs, and so on.

Off-grid Living Is Pocket-Friendly

Off-grid living is right for you if you’re the type of person who loves to save that extra money. With this type of lifestyle, you’re going to be saving not just a few extra, but a whole lot of bucks.

When you’re starting off with your new life, you may find yourself investing in your new home, its security systems, and other essentials. But when it’s all set up, you’ll realize your cost of living has decreased by an appreciable amount. Eventually, you’ll be adding a lot more to the savings that you did before.

Several factors contribute to this pocket-friendliness. These include using renewable energy (that’s almost free), growing your food, cutting down on lavish facilities, etc.

Life Off-the-grid Is Eco-Friendly

When you first researched the off-grid lifestyle, the thing that probably grabbed your attention was how environmentally friendly this type of living is.

Doing everything in a natural, organic way means minimally contributing to damaging the environment. After all, no automobiles mean no pollution. Plus, you won’t be depleting the non-renewable resources: fossil fuels.

So, if you find this minimalist lifestyle attractive, off-grid living is right for you.

Who Is Off-grid Living Not Right For?

Apart from needing to be passionate about the factors listed above, there are other things you should keep in mind while deciding to go off-grid. And well, if you’re one of the following types of people, I’ve got some bad news for you (aka off-grid living is not your thing).

Addicted to Facilities of the Modern World

In an era where you can switch the lights on by only hitting a switch, it’s natural to get used to all the modern-day amenities. In fact, it can even make you complacent. But that’s not the problem – the problem lies with not being able to give up these facilities for the new life you’re choosing.

If the benefits of off-grid living don’t impress you as much as the thought of letting go of the modern amenities scares you, maybe you should reconsider your decision to go off-the-grid.

Not a Do-It-Yourself Type of Person

Many people underestimate the need for DIYs in the off-grid lifestyle. To be completely on your own while not relying on ANY facilities, it is essential to be creative and willing to do things yourself.

For example, you may have to DIY food preserving methods, a source of light, or even a toilet, and for that, your willingness to do it yourself is crucial.

Besides, off-grid living is, generally speaking, a Do-It-Yourself life. This is especially because you’re growing food, harvesting water, and harnessing energy all by yourself, that too by using traditional methods instead of the ones facilitated by modern-day amenities.


Living off-the-grid is an idea that fascinates many, but not everyone can just hop into it – it’s a lifestyle for the daring. And well, for the ones willing to adapt to the changes it brings and face the hardships of independent life.

So, before you pass your final verdict regarding whether or not you wish to choose this lifestyle, you need to consider several factors, including those discussed in this blog. Only after giving them good thought can you decide whether or not off-grid living is right for you.