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Hi, I am Shahraz, nice to meet you! I am a freelance content writer currently living in Lahore, Pakistan, half American half Pakistani. I like to bring the best of both worlds into my article which is known for its sophisticated simplicity and thoughtful details. I started writing in 2012 when I fell in love with my pen. I was the Youngest ever Pakistani to win the best writer of the year award from the Islamabad Times in 2016. My passion for the pen has urged me to write more and more. I enjoy a good cup of coffee, watching good movies & tv shows,and reading novels.
Benefits and How-To Guide of Beekeeping

Benefits and How-To Guide of Beekeeping

Hobbyists and gardeners, why don’t you go for beekeeping which has innumerable benefits? Oh, nobody told you … I see. Well, listen...
Do-It-Yourself Survival Knife for Off-Grid Living

Do-It-Yourself Survival Knife for Off-Grid Living

Off-grid living is best when you’re experiencing unbelievable freedom from almost all the ‘necessities’ of our metropolitan social infrastructure. You’re not...
Safety & Self-defence tips-offgridliving.net

Here is everything about Safety and Self-Defense|Off-Grid Survival

Off-grid living is all about being cautious of different and low probability events that can occur.   One such probability is an...
Wild edible plants-offgridlivig.net

Let’s Talk About the Crazy-Wild Edible Plants | Off-Grid Survival

Exceptionally, you might run out of food in your off-grid domicile. What then?   Have you got any ideas to kill that gnawing in...
Solar Panels & off-grid living


Living off-grid can be a highly adventurous decision, but most fellas get it wrong. They miss out an important part: power...

The Coronavirus Surprised the Prepping Industry-Here’s How!

    The coronavirus said, "Peek-a-boo," and the preppers replied, “I didn’t see you.” Hours after the announcement of a possible pandemic back in December,...