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Safety & Self-defence

Off-grid living is all about being cautious of different and low probability events that can occur.


One such probability is an intruder attack. The intruder can be anyone from a thief to a wild animal. But the question isn’t really that who’s the intruder … real question is: are you safe?


No, no. Before you fall deep into having existential doubts, let me reiterate the thought again: if there’s an interference in your off-grid living, will you be able cut it out?


If you’re reading this article, you’re most likely curious. And a person is only curious when they don’t know a particular thing … in this case: importance of self-defense in off-grid living.


So, let’s get on with an interesting discussion on safety and self-defense, packed with useful recommended weaponry, physical moves, and protective equipment to secure your off-grid experience!


Physical Moves That You Can Do Macho man Time!


The most basic thing you can do in such a moment is a physical reaction—pulling out guns and explosives and other weapons is still something secondary, but if you’re into guns and shooting you should buy a set of canted sights which are great for this.


Remember, we’re talking about defense here, not offense. Defense means you don’t know when you’ll be offended, so you have to be cautious all the time. Now, what are such self-defense moves to add to your mechanisms to increase your security?


Let’s get on with them.


Sprawl – Learn How to Sprawl


The lower abdomen area is our weak point because of the presence of our genitalia. Any action suggesting a danger to areas below our waist immediately alarms our defense mechanisms due to its vulnerability and high damage stakes.


Sprawling helps against such high-probability attacks. It deactivates attacker’s ability to free the arms or head—the essential body parts when it comes to attacking—and completely disables the use of legs as they’re the only body support the attacker has left.


Easy to practice, less energy requiring, and highly efficient!


Guillotine Learn How to Guillotine


Another very common attack is towards head and chest. An attack to head can easily knock us out, and an attack to the chest can leave us choking on the ground—either way, bad idea.


Apparently, the most you can do in such attacks is to close your eyes and brace for the impact. But a little vigilance can save you from a lot that can potentially happen … like performing guillotine?


Performing this defense move—or instilling it into your subconscious, which is even better—will definitely put you above your attacker. You must be wondering “what if it’s a lion? Or something more ferocious?”, and if you are, then you’re on point.


Even for such ferocious and strong animals, their head is all they have to navigate their attacks. If it’s blocked, everything is a lot tougher for them to carry out.


Courage? … uhhhh that’s something for you to gather!


Rear Arm Grab ­– Learn How to Rear Arm Grab


Of the countless more moves that you can do, rear arm grab is exciting because it has the ability to disable your attacker, dismantle all efforts against you, and most importantly, bring them to the ground giving you an open space to attack them further.


Once on the ground, you can mount your attacker and land them hard punches right on the face, putting an end to their attacking career.


Yes, it doesn’t really work for beings with body-forms different than humans, but still, covers a wider array already!


Must Have Weaponry – Your Arsenal


A Gun


Do I need to even mention this?


Although you might need to go “on-grid” and apply for licenses and get some legal paperwork done so that Uncle Sam doesn’t come down on your door the next day, but the benefits are totally worth it. If you want to learn more about the product, then head out to this site.


It’s not only about the security that it might provide you in the “once-in-a-lifetime” attack, but the sense of security it’s gonna build in you for long-term will certainly enhance your off-grid experience.


A Knife


Seems funny to me sometimes … but it’s better to injure than to kill, right?


We all have soft spots for living-beings in our hearts. A knife gives security for the attacker, it won’t kill them immediately, unless of course they don’t bleed themselves to death.


A minor flesh wound to bring them to the ground would suffice. Another plus of the knife is that you won’t have to go through legal registration. So, no interference in your off-grid freedom!


A Metal Rod


Again, unnecessary to mention, still, worthy to recall; a metal rod.


A metal rod is even much safer than a gun and a knife. Inflicts basic level damage in initial hits like knock-outs and tough bruises. But of course, hits to sensitive areas like below waist and head can cause deaths as well.


Rod, similar to knife, doesn’t require any registration. Additionally, it won’t draw any suspicion during a local county police raid. It can be excused for literally anything you can imagine!


Protecting Your Area – One Man Army


Prevention is better than cure, they said. Absolutely well said.


A strong barbed wire in the radius of 10-20m of your bunker, hidden in the bushes, will keep away most animals and intruders—who’d be expecting such a security measure in a lone bunker in the wild?


Landmine is a dangerous suggestion, but if you’re really living out there for your life, it’s not a bad investment either!


But whatever option you go for, it’s always better to ensure you don’t leave any gap uncovered. Of course, 100% can’t be done anyways, but still, we can do best from our end, right?


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