Hidden Passages Hidden Rooms For Off Grid Security! You Know You Want One.


Think back to when you were a kid. What would have been one of the coolest things you could have had in your house? If you said anything other than a secret passage, well, you’re wrong! (Unless you said a pet dragon, then ya, ok, you have a valid point).

Scooby Doo had secret passages in almost every episode, all the cool spy movies had them, all the best mysteries had them too! Well, now that we’re all grown up, or at least pretending to be, we don’t seem to remember how cool a secret passage or hidden room could be. Beyond just being a cool feature, they can be downright practical in this day and age if we are being honest.

There are companies that can build you a secret passage or hidden room. These can be anything from secure panic rooms for a home invasion scenario, to just a unique way to conceal your gun safe or store supplies for survival needs. You can even, if you have the money to spend, use them to make a hidden passage for your man cave or home theater.

Really, you are only limited by your imagination. These can be anything from hidden doors disguised as a bookcase complete with a bookend style switch, to a more dramatic entry hidden under a powered staircase. While it may not seem practical, some smaller applications could simply be to create more storage that is out of the way until you need to access it.

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