World’s First 3D Printed Community Continues To Grow In Mexico!


Almost two years ago we wrote about ICON and their process of 3D printing tiny homes with a goal of providing secure and affordable housing to all who need it. At the time, they were working on the technique, tweaking the process and the formula, but had managed to print homes in just about 24 hours! Without a doubt it was a great step forward and with an expected cost of only about $4,000 it could mean safe 3D printed homes for millions as we move into the future. They even produced the very first 3D printed home in the United States down near Austin Texas, which at ¼ speed, took them about 47 hours!

In the past few months they have started construction of the first of planned tiny home community using their 3D printed homes in Tabasco, Mexico! The community will become home to 50 families who are in the greatest physical and financial need, many of whom are members of an indigenous population in the region living on less than $80 per month. ICON, in partnership with New Story Charity, have eventually strive to bring affordable and secure housing to more communities, and the technology itself could become a fixture in the housing industry, making home ownership a reality for millions who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford it!