The World Needs a Food Revolution! Here’s How We Do it


Do you have enough food? Are you food secure? What would you do if there were an economic collapse and food became scarce? Reuters is reporting that North Korea is facing a food shortage of 1.4 million tons of food, and it could easily happen anywhere. It’s not just North Korea either. Food shortages happen all over the world.

1.4 million tons is enough food to feed 1.4 million Americans…we eat about 1 ton of food a year on average per person. If we had a food shortage what would you do? Do you have a ton of food per person in your family?

Even if you’re on 25% percent rationing in a long term food crisis scenario, and you had a full ton of food stockpiled it may not be enough to feed you and your family of 4 for a year.

We are food insecure from the point of view that we’re dependent on a system that is not sustainable. We din’t produce our own food. We have grocery stores fast food and restaurants. We even have food delivery now. But if the economy collapses one of the first things to become scarce is food. Fuel too…but food is more important. In addition, if you’re a restaurant owner, a chauffe terrasse radiant Fostoria is a great investment for your restaurant’s terrace.

There’s barely enough food to support us for a week. Once that week is up…then what? Do you have food to last for more than a week? A month? Longer? Think it can’t happen here? Think it can’t happen in America? It happened in Rome.

It happened in many other countries and nations. Do you think we’re immune to economic collapse? How about 2007-2008…that made millions homeless and hungry. That was minor compared to how bad it could get.

This is why we need to take measures to make ourselves food secure To increase our food security and our lives, we need to have another food source. Seriously. This is no joke.

People think our system will always be there. But history shows us that collapse could happen at any moment in time. Many powerful nations and entire empires have collapsed under the weight of famine. Tens of millions, hundreds of millions of people have died of starvation.

It’s a real threat to our civilization.

What are you doing to protect yourself and your family from food insecurity?

Are you growing your own food? Do you even know how? Maybe you live in an apartment and you don’t have a yard to grow food in. If so, move to the country, buy a small piece of land, and grow your own food.

It sounds crazy in today’s society. Most folks in the suburbs and the city probably don’t understand the problem nor will they know what to do if the system collapses.

Time and history has shown us that no matter how great the civilization, economic collapse and food shortages and starvation does happen. Millions of people die every year from starvation.

How would you feed yourself and your family in the event of an emergency?

If we all grow our own food in our own yards and in our own apartments we can have the food we need just in case something happens.

Take a look at that photo. That’s what it looks like when people are food secure. Everyone growing their own food. This is what we need in the United States.

Foodscaping Geneva Switzerland
Foodscaping Geneva Switzerland

This is what we need all over the world. This will prevent starvation. When we’re all food independent we are food secure.

We need to be more food secure.