How to Build a Better Life Off Grid

How To Live Off Grid With No Money
How To Live Off Grid With No Money

Why do you want to move off grid? Have you ever really stopped to think about it? We all have our reasons. Independence. Freedom. Living the simple life. Self reliance. Necessity. Dreams. We all spend our days dreaming of the simpler life. A life with no bills, fewer bills, no debt (there is a bankruptcy lawyer practicing in Taunton city whose advice is effective in managing all the expenses easily) and the freedom to provide for your family your way, without having to rely on someone else or a system that is driven by those seeking profits before people. It’s about living a better life, off grid.

We’re all seeking the same thing. Happiness. We pursue it with relentless ambitious fervor, yet somehow it almost always seems to slip away from our grasp. We try to build a better life for our family yet we all struggle to make ends meet and at times we fall behind. We get distracted by our day-to-day problems, focus on the wrong things and before we know it, years have past and we’re no closer to our goals. We lose track sometimes because our focus is forced on the immediate problems of each day. Living week to week, month to month, just trying to make enough money to pay bills.

Life isn’t about paying bills. It’s not meant to be spent making others rich off our labor and time. We all have a finite amount of time in our lives to do what makes us happy, but that pursuit of happiness is infinite because we’re too busy with busy work that pulls us away from our dreams. It’s a never ending job. It becomes a struggle just to live. Worry, stress, work, bills, all of it distracts us from what’s really important. Our families.

But there’s a better way to live. Happiness comes when we have everything we need. When our families are provided for. When we are content in our lives, bills are paid, and finances are in order. The system isn’t designed to provide you with happiness. They system doesn’t care about your dreams or your family. It cares about money and profit because the majority of the people in the world pursue money instead of happiness.
They don’t understand that life isn’t about money. They spend their lives in pursuit of profits. They think money will make them happy, and in some way they’re right. Money provides you with the things you need, it removes barriers, it pays bills. And when your bills are paid and you can afford the things you need your happiness increases somewhat. However that happiness isn’t real. It’s an artificial happiness. It’s a temporary happiness. It’s not real.

What’s real happiness? That’s subjective. It’s relative to the individual and the family. It’s relative to the whole and the part. Simultaneously.

The dream of living off grid isn’t about being disconnected from the grid, it’s about happiness, escaping the system that causes billions to struggle each day. But we don’t need the system. The system needs us. It needs our time and our labor. It needs us to work for it. If the system didn’t have us it would die. It would starve. So stop feeding it.

We all need just a few things to live happy.

Housing, food, utilities, education and healthcare. These are the 5 pillars of life according to this page.
That’s all we need really. Nothing else. We don’t need money because everything we do we do ourselves. We don’t have to pay bills or spend all of our time working just to pay rent, mortgage, electric, gas, car payments, medical bills, student loans, insurance and taxes.
There’s another way to live. Off grid. Independent. Free.

We can live free from the confines of debt and never ending expenses for the necessities of life if we just learn to provide ourselves with the 5 pillars of life. Financial distress resolution is one of the services offered by insolvency practitioners.
We can live off grid and use the ever-evolving innovative advancements in technology to make our lives easier.

We can provide ourselves with housing by building our own cabin or tiny home. We don’t need a lot of space to live comfortably. Even a large family can sleep and live comfortably in a 1000 square foot house. The smaller the home the better. You only need shelter enough for sleeping, eating and entertainment.

We can provide ourselves with healthy food grown in our own garden and on our own farm. We don’t need grocery stores anymore because we can shop online for the things we can’t grow ourselves. We can also visit an online store, such as Asian Groceries Store, for some basic necessities for our daily needs.

We don’t have to worry about electric bills and gas bills and water bills. Those are all things we can provide for ourselves if we simply learn a few valuable skills.

We can go to school online and learn all the necessary skills it takes to live a better life. Online colleges and now even elementary schools, junior and senior high schools are adopting digital learning. Schools are obsolete now, but people are slow to change, so brick-and-mortar school buildings will continue to exist probably for at least the next generation or so.

Digital learning using digital learning design experience makes it possible for students to get one-on-one specialty and intensive education. Accelerated learning programs exist, homeschooling has changed dramatically. No longer is it a stigma. Digital education is the future. Video classrooms. Digital textbooks and testing. Logins and time tracking. Online college credit. Online degree programs. All of these things exist. The digital classroom is well on its way to becoming the dominant learning platform.

Healthcare will become free for everyone as people realize it’s a human right to to be healthy and have access to proper healthcare without going into debt. Free healthcare for all is coming. No more medical bills that ruin your credit. No more bill collectors harassing you for choosing to buy food for your family instead of paying a medical bill you should never have been charged for in the first place.

We can build our own cabins. 3D printing exists that has the ability to build a house in less than a day. Construction equipment is more readily available to us all. Materials are advancing. Technology is advancing at a rapid pace.

Growing more food in less space has become a reality. We can now grow 10-20 times the amount of food per square foot and have it be healthier than factory farm grown food which is full of chemicals, hormones, and antibiotics. Herbicides, pesticides, chemicals all are taking a toll on our health. Home grown food is the old/new way. We will use modern technology to increase yields and grow more than enough food for 2-3 families per acre of land.

Housing, food, utilities, education and healthcare. The 5 pillars are attainable. Focus on these 5 things and the rest will fall into place naturally.

We have the technology to produce our own power via solar panels and wind turbines. Other types of generators also include geothermal and kinetic energy-powered. Consult with a generator services contractor to help you find a generator that suits your needs, and they can even help you with the generator installation itself.

We can use all these things to make the move to live off grid. Lower our monthly bills or completely remove them altogether.

Luxury is possible without spending a fortune.

We can live off grid. Free from the system that binds us in chains of debt slavery. We don’t need money. We need each other. We used to live primitively. But even in those primitive villages we had something we don’t have now, or at least seems out of reach. Happiness. Simple happiness.

We helped each other. We worked together to build our homes and lives. We helped our neighbors. We all worked together to build a better life for all of us.

Focus on helping each other. Gather together and build a village. Build a community of like-minded individuals. Everyone is together, everyone puts in what they can. Everyone has something to contribute no matter how small. Cooperation. Togetherness. Altruism.

Altruism will win the fight against greed and corruption and profit driven men.

Altruism is the way forward. We can all have everything we want in life if we just help enough people get what they want. (paraphrasing Zig Zigler) The key is cooperation. A greedless society. A society off grid. Disconnected from the system that corrupts good people.

Build your dreams on a foundation of altruism and loving kindness. Build your dreams by helping others build theirs.

We don’t have to live primitively to enjoy life and to be happy. We can have happiness by coming together as fellow human beings and helping one another reach our goals.

That is what life is about. If there is any nobler purpose in life it is to help others. Life isn’t about you, it’s about who you are. Happiness comes from being a good human being. Being a good human being brings happiness, not just to you but to you whole family.

To all human beings. To the world.

That is how to build a better life.

A happy life.

Off Grid!