Awesome $33k Tiny House Can Be Ready To Move Into In 2 Days!


There are all sorts of tiny homes on the market these days, some of which can still cost you almost six figures, which in some markets, can be equal to or even more than traditional housing. There are also a large number of ideas that aim to make tiny homes more affordable, either by using cheaper materials, making the space as small as possible yet livable, or by reducing the time it takes to construct the home in the first place. One idea that is more towards the end of that spectrum, is the MADI HOME , which can be constructed and fully livable in about 2 days. (The entire house can be erected in as little as 6 to 7 hours with a crew of 3). 

MADI homes are small, A frame structures, that are prefabricated modular units that are require no foundations in order to be constructed. This along with a folding design feature, helps to keep the construction time to a minimum. This ability to be folded and unfolded also means that the home can be set up as a temporary, or as a permanent tiny home for you and your family. A base model will cost you about $33,000 plus the cost of the land you intend to place it on, but because they are modular, you can select bigger options that can give you more than enough room for a family without feeling too cramped.



They have little impact on the environment or surrounding soil, especially since they do not require a traditional foundation, and with the addition of solar panels, these tiny homes can be taken off the grid and made self sufficient in terms of energy. They are also tested and rated to be stable in areas prone to earthquakes. Visit their website for more information.


Check out their website here MADI HOME