Amazing Accidental Geyser Is Like An Alien Landscape!


In 1964 a well was drilled on Fly Ranch in the Nevada desert. The water that they tapped into was around 200 degrees and they sealed the well, but the seal failed and as the water sprung out from the resulting geyser, minerals started to accumulate to form mounds.

Due to the nutrient rich water, it is home to various forms of algae that give the geyser structures a range of colors and hues, primarily yellows, reds, and greens. Photography Jared Ropelato

Photography by: Jared Ropelato

The mound has an almost alien appearance to it and it has continued to grow for over 40 years. In 2016 it was bought by The Burning Man Project, and in 2018 they started to open it up to small nature walk tours on the weekends.

The property is home to other geysers, hot springs, cold springs, and other natural wonders. If you are out exploring the country and want to take a tour you can check the details here.