This Couple Builds SHIPPING CONTAINER HOME With No Experience


Shipping container homes are eco-friendly and cost-effective housing solutions that repurpose discarded shipping containers into functional living spaces. These innovative homes offer a unique blend of sustainability and modern design, making them increasingly popular among individuals seeking alternative housing options. With their versatility and durability, shipping container homes are not only stylish but also a practical choice for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Shipping container homes are the perfect ready made sturdy structure you can live in. You have some work to do but if you’re serious about building your own home off grid, shipping container homes are the way to go for a fast easy start. They’re practically ready made for living off the grid.

They can be shipped anywhere and installed relatively quickly. You don’t even have to have a permanent foundation in many areas of the country. And if they’re strapped/chained down or bolted down to a concrete footing/foundation you needn’t worry about any kind of weather, storms, or earthquakes. They’re so structurally sound that they are nearly indestructible. If you’re interested in exploring shipping container options like the ones at, you can find excellent choices for your project.

This couple build a shipping container house on pillars and I think they did a great job. So how about it, would you live in a shipping container home? What do you think of the idea?