1 Million People Can End Poverty in America


1 million people can end poverty in America. This article explains how to end poverty in the USA, Canada and Mexico. It’s really very simple. 1 million people can do it. It’s not as complicated as you think it is. It’s not as expensive as you think it is. It’s not as difficult as you think it is. It’s all about helping people. That’s all it really takes. Just people helping people. People working together. No more government bureaucracy or red-tape or bullshit. Just straight up human kindness.

1 million people can end poverty in America by helping build tiny house communities. Small little communities of people open to the public that houses people from all walks of life, working class, poor, homeless and abused and battered women and children and gives them a safe place to stay while they rebuild their lives.

How do you fund such a thing? Easy! Crowdfunding.

Everyone pitches in. It’s a simple idea. Kickstarter, Indiegogo and GoFundMe all work on the crowdfunding model. We can use our own crowdfunding platform to build it and end poverty.

It’s basically a bunch of people contributing a small amount each month for a larger goal.

Expanding on the crowdfunding concept to end poverty is easy. Create a program (similar to a charity but NOT A CHARITY) that builds sustainable communities.

1 million people across the USA and Canada can contribute just $20/month. That’s $20 million dollars per month budget. That’s enough to build 20 tiny house communities PER MONTH at $1 million dollars each!

But it doesn’t cost $1 million to build a small tiny house community if you’re smart and creative in where you invest the money.

If you build in the city it’s going to cost you 10 times what it will cost you in the country. You’ll pay more for the things you need to build. You’ll pay more for land. You’ll pay more for materials. You’ll pay more for labor. Everything costs more in the city.

When I say it’s simple it is. You make it simple by first principles problem solving. You break everything down to its basic parts.

Everyone needs 5 things to live a happy healthy life.

  1. Housing
  2. Food
  3. Utilities (water gas power internet and transport)
  4. Education (training in a field of study/trade for your job/career)
  5. Healthcare

That’s it. 

LAND: First! You need a place to build on. That means land. 

Cheaper land is better. There’s really no such thing as “cheap land” anymore but you can save money by purchasing land in bulk (the larger the parcel the better) and buying land that is rural country and even remote land far from any major city. The further away from civilization the cheaper the land is usually. That’s changing though so, I predict a land boom over the next decade or 2 as the population increases land prices are going to skyrocket.

Second: After we secure land we need the shelter itself.

We know that build a house seems complicated at first glance. It’s not when you think about the basics. 

A house is a box. It has 6 sides. There are 4 wall  a floor and a roof. That’s it. Every single house on earth is like this (unless it’s a dome or pyramid and then you’re only talking about slight variations in geometry.) Houses and building are built this way because it’s the most efficient way to build a box.

A tiny house is enough to provide safe shelter out of the weather and climate and give a sense of independence and freedom.

FOOD: Third is food. Food is EXPENSIVE! 3 meals a day costs a lot of money. Or does it. Let’s look at that and break it down to it’s basics.

Food comes from grocery stores and restaurants, right? 

No! Food comes from farms. Farmers and ranchers feed the world. They grow and raise the food that feeds all of us. Then the food gets shipped to grocery stores and restaurants. But the problem with that system is it’s not locally sourced food. It adds cost to the food. Costs that many people can’t pay if they’re in a bad financial position, homeless or in poverty. 

According to American Family Care Franchise Development,  they don’t eat healthy and this causes health issues that cost cities and counties and states and federal government hundreds of BILLIONS a year. So to solve that problem there’s a simple solution. 

Locally source your food.

Grow your own food! Onsite! Don’t ship it in. Grow the food right there on the property. There’s no reason you can’t. None! And with modern technology you can grow food in a shipping container or greenhouse YEAR-ROUND!

  • SEEDS: Seeds are CHEAP! A single tomato seed can grow a plant that produces hundreds more seeds. Seeds which can be planted to grow more, and so forth and so on. The same goes for any other vegetable or fruit. Starting the garden/farm is simple. It will take much work to keep it going, but this provided valuable education and experience to community members. Growing food for the community (especially since you can grow indoors and year round, as well as in te ground doing traditional row-crops in spring and summer, will provide more than enough food for the whole community.
  • LIVESTOCK: Chickens, pigs and cows. Buying the first 12 chickens is easy. Then breeding them to make more. Same with pigs and cows. Pigs and chickens provide a great and fast growing source of food. Cows provide milk and butter and meat and hides for leather and clothing. Raising livestock will feed the whole community. Humans need protein and meat provides that protein in abundance. If you really want to get crazy with it and offer exotic foods like rabbit and quail and pheasant and duck. All these livestock animals can provide more than enough for the entire community to live on. It’s not a new idea. We’ve lived this way for tens of thousands of years, but modern times we’ve drifted away from this way of life. We can use this way of life to help end poverty!

Anything above and beyond that is luxury. 

Though I don’t know about you, call me crazy, but I think homegrown steak and fresh fruits and veggies everyday is how we should all be eating. 


POWER! Solar and wind with battery backup energy storage! You need power to power your appliances and charge your mobile devices. 

WATER! Drill a well. Or buy a property that already has a well. Install a water filtration system yourself to ave money on a technician. You need water to drink and bathe and do laundry. Drilling a well onsite saves you money in the long term. Paying for city water is expensive. Some cities charge $10k or more to hookup! This is an expense you don’t need to pay. Drilling a well provides you with all the water you need. You can also setup rain catchment systems and build a cistern or buy a large plastic water storage tank and place it on a hill so you use gravity for water pressure. 

Physics! Use it to your advantage. First principles teaches you how to build things for a fraction of the cost (up to 90% savings) than traditional methods. Throwing money at a problem is NOT a viable or intelligent solution to a problem. To solve a problem you must first understand what the problem actually is. Identifying the problem is key to solving any problem. Money is not a solution it’s a tool. 

You must understand that money is nothing more than a tool. Any idiot can use a hammer to bang a square peg into a round hole. It doesn’t matter how nice that hammer is, a square peg in a round hole is the wrong solution to a problem. Throwing money at a problem and hope the money fixes it is just plain stupid.

OK! So now you have land, a house, water, and power. What’s next?

INTERNET: You need internet to work and communicate. It’s no longer just a privileged luxury for the rich or well off. It’s a necessity for modern living. You need internet and email for communication as much as you need your phone. You will need this useful reference even more for your business development if you work remotely online or doing ecommerces or anything in the computer science or consulting fields. Even brick and mortar stores like restaurants, hotels and mechanic shops need the internet for every aspect of business. BUsiness, personal communication, entertainment, and education all require the internet. It’s an absolute necessity now.

EDUCATION: Training in a trade. Not just an education, but hands on training. There are hundreds of careers to choose from that you can train for online. Lots of things go into build a tiny house. The same things that go into building a larger home. Plumbing, electrical, flooring, siding, roofing, concrete, basically all the construction jobs you can think of go into build a tiny house or cabin.

  • Since we’re building a tiny house community we’ll be building the tiny houses ourselves instead of paying retail prices for tiny homes.
  • Building your own home gives one a sense of accomplishment, freedom and independence that generates prices and confidence. Things people need to pull themselves out of poverty! 
  • Tiny houses are portable, so once the program completes and the person builds and moves into their own home, it’s possible to move the tiny home to a new location should the resident decide purchase the home and move it to their own land.

HEALTHCARE: Volunteer nurse on duty part-time or you can give a nurse a tiny home and a place to stay onsite in exchange for her skills and knowledge as a full time nurse. Yes, you must follow the rules of law here, but every shelter has a nurse, every school has a nurse or should. Our community should have a nurse on duty full time to provide basic healthcare to everyone. All included in the benefits of living in the tiny house community.

That’s it. That’s all you need.

1 Million People Can End Poverty in America

Just 1 million people paying in $20/month to build these tiny house communities can end poverty.

That’s a $20 MILLION dollar per month budget. That’s $240 million budget in a year. $2.4 billion dollars over 10 years! How many communities can we build for $2.4 billion dollars!? How many people can we help? 

People will see this being done and will do it all over the world. It will end poverty! 

A tiny house community doesn’t cost $1 million each to build! You can build a tiny house community for a lot less than that. 

I could build one for $100k to $150k! One that could house and feed 100 people at a time.

First you start with the land.

Buy remote land. It’s cheaper. Install the solar and wind power system with battery backup energy storage. Water…if you shop around you’ll find a place with a well already. ZERO out of pocket expense for water. Shelter. Each tiny house if you build it yourself will only cost about $2k to $3k for a barebones shelter.

The solar system and the land is the most expensive part next to the land itself.

NOTE: DO NOT PAY RETAIL PRICE FOR BUILDING MATERIALS! In other words you’re wasting money if you shop at the big box stores for your materials. You’re paying retail pricing for the lumber and nails and screws and fixtures and wiring and pipe and that’s just STUPID! That is wasting money! Buy in bulk by the truckload. Buy direct from lumber mills and manufacturers. Buying in bulk can save you hundreds of thousands on just ONE community. And if you really want to get “CRAZY!” with it. Buy a forest! Buy the timberland and the operation for a few million dollars and produce your own lumber. Now you’re providing jobs and saving money on materials. You can’t do this with all the materials but you can still save millions over the long term by purchasing the means to produce your own materials.

  • LAND: $10k to $20k
  • 12×12 TINY HOME: $2k to $3k each Housing 100 people with 4 bunks (4 person team) per tiny home that’s $50k to $75k for 25 tiny homes. People build their own homes, learn a new skill/trade and have a place to stay. WIN/WIN! The next phase will be to move from a multi-person bunk house to a single person or family dwelling unit tiny house they help build themselves and they could own and move to their own land later on in the program. This can be a work for you home program. If gives them shelter right away, and then later, everyone working together helps build and teach others to build their own homes as well. It’s a great program that teaches teamwork and valuable skills that can be used in the workforce so when and if people are ready or want to leave the community they have a trade and the experience an knowledge to ge a job in the real world.
  • SOLAR POWER SYSTEM WITH BATTERY BACKUP ENERGY STORAGE (INSIDE A SHIPPING CONTAINER FOR SAFETY AND SECURITY): $10k to $20k – The tiny homes are powered with low voltage/wattage LED lighting and appliances. The key here is building your own system to save hundreds of thousands of dollars on construction costs. Tesla has made all their patents available to the public. This includes batteries and energy storage systems. Using these systems and buying the parts and using our own labor to build it saves hundreds of thousands of dollars long term in both labor costs and electricity costs. You can order the solar panels and wind turbines at wholesale in bulk pricing from China. This will save tens of thousands on just one community and spread out over 100 communities, this saves millions of dollars long term. It’s STUPID to pay utility companies for power when you can do it yourself and pay a 10th of the long term costs.

SKILL KNOWLEDGE EXPERIENCE AND LABOR: Unfortunately there are millions of people out of work and this causes poverty and homelessness. We can stop this by putting those folks to work, giving them a place to stay, food to eat, and program that will help them not only end their own poverty, but provide them with a home after the program is complete. There are hundreds of thousands of construction workers, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, concrete finishers, welders, ironworkers, mechanics, and other tradesmen and women are homeless or living in poverty and need help. They needs a job a safe place to stay food and training in a new field.

We can end poverty, create jobs, offer training, give people a safe place to stay and healthy food to eat while they get back on their feet.

1 million people paying $20/month can do it.

This has been something I have researched extensively. There’s a lot more to it than the basics I’ve laid out here in this article. The point is it’s possible. We can do much more than we think we can. We can end poverty. We can help those in need. And we can do it for a fraction of the cost that people think it will cost.

It’s simpler than most people think it is. It’s NOT complex. Living is simple.

  • Housing
  • Food
  • Utilities
  • Education
  • Healthcare

That’s it! That’s all your need to live a happy healthy life. And it’s possible to provide this to millions of people and lift them out of poverty and give them a safe and healthy place to live that will allow them to get back on their feet.

This is my contribution to the world. I’ve devoted many thousands upon thousands of hours of research and study into the issue of poverty and humanity and the human condition to create a program that solves the main problems of poverty.

It’s a massive project. It will take a million people working together. But it’s possible and it’s much easier than you think it is.

I for one would be happy to pay $20 a month and be one of the million people that is helping build this and help millions of other people out of poverty and give them the skills and knowledge and experience they need to provide a safe and healthy and happy life for their families. To me that’s worth way more than $20 per month! That is priceless.

This program is possible. We know how to do it. The question is will people do it!?

How do you get people to stop making excuses for not helping people?

As far as I’m concerned there is no excuse not to help people. ANY EXCUSE not to help people is just that, an excuse and deserves no respect or consideration whatsoever. People will say “But they will abuse the system!” yeah…? So fucking what! Does that also mean we should stop helping people because a small percentage of people abuse the system? 

Do you take away the benefits from others because a few people abuse the system!? 


Stop arguing. Sit down. Shut up and help people! 

Just help people and stop making excuses. Pretty damn simple if you ask me!

There is NO EXCUSE for not helping people in need. Our duty to our fellow human beings is to help them. We are our brothers and sisters keepers. We have a duty to help one another regardless. It’s what makes good human beings good people. I for one would be proud to contribute $20 or $100 or even $1000 per month or more if I could afford it that much. 

We all waste more than $20 a month on stupid purchases we don’t need and it really only takes just 1 million people contributing just $20/month to help end poverty in America! $20 is nothing. Hundreds of millions of people waste more than that each month. So stop wasting it and build something good to help people.

Stop putting conditions on altruism and charity! You’re wrong! You’re straight up WRONG if you put conditions on altruism! I honestly don’t care if you agree or not. 

Help people unconditionally and don’t expect anything in return. Love has no conditions. Compassion has no conditions. Empathy has no conditions. Stop putting conditions on your altruism.

Be good people. Reach down inside yourself and find your compassion and empathy and love and love your neighbor. Isn’t that what the good book tells us. Treat others how we wish to be treated. Welcome the immigrant. The Golden Rule.

Altruism will end poverty! People helping people will end poverty.

We can do it together.