Pro-Gamer Build Awesome Tiny House With Badass Gaming Computer!


Pro-Gamer and Youtube streamer Nessa Elessa built an awesome tiny house with a badass gaming computer system. Imagine living in this very cool tiny home while making a living on Youtube and playing video games for a living.

This is a dream for many people today, living a simpler life, but still having access to the technology you need to function in the modern world. Add in some solar panels and a wind turbine and you can even live like this off grid.

Starlink satellite internet is here now and offers 60-80 Mbs wireless speeds anywhere in the USA. It’s currently in BETA right now, but it’s real.

Meaning you can run your Youtube channel or gaming stream from anywhere in the world, technically.

Nessa built this DIY tiny house herself. Yes, you can do it too. It’s hard work, but it’s possible.

Just envision your dream and go for it!