Long Range Wireless Charging Could Be On The Horizon!


While we all know that wireless charging is already a thing, so far the devices available still require you to basically “dock” your device to a pad, that itself is plugged in, and they tend to require you have specific phones designed with glass backed cases for their wireless charging to work. It is certainly still more handy at times than having to use cords, though, you can’t use your phone and charge it at the same time with wireless charging unless you leave it on the charging pad.

With Wi-Charge, they are taking a different approach altogether by using infrared beams that can be sent to dongles, cases, or other attachments to work with any phone, tablet, or even other wireless devices like blue tooth speakers, and as long as you don’t block the beam, your device will charge anywhere there is line of sight connection. In just the last few years they have gone from a pretty basic working prototype to a more advanced model that was one of the big hits at the recent CES technology event. They are currently accepting orders sign ups for Beta Testing at their website for a few different models, so it looks like this could be close to being a real consumer product. For more information check them out HERE