Unbelievable! Gorgeous Primitive Tiny Home With Built-In Pool!


Well, this is certainly a unique way to live off grid! One man built a truly gorgeous little hut with a small attached pool/tub using only the materials that nature provided to him. His hut is built on a platform, and on the outside.

He has what could be considered a deck at first glance, however, what he does with that space is amazing! By using hand tools, and only materials from his own surroundings, he creates a little pool, or a rather large tub depending on your point of view.

There is  space beneath the pool area, which with little effort, could be used to house a small fire pit that could actually heat the tub up above, which would certainly come in handy after spending your day hauling water up to your newly constructed tub one bucket at a time!

Not only did he create a liveable work of art, but his determination and endurance in doing so is simply astonishing!

You have got to see this, so check it out here!