You’re Going To Love These Bladeless Wind Turbines!


Most of us, especially those who have travelled along America’s highways, have seen the giant wind turbines that have popped up across the landscape over the years. These are a great source of renewable energy, but they are massive, and you need a lot of them to be able to power towns or cities, which means you need to devote a lot of acreage to the installation of traditional wind turbines. Another concern is that with all the moving parts, there is a lot of maintenance required to make sure they continue to operate efficiently and safely, and all those complex components add up to a more expensive initial startup cost.

This is where Vortex Bladeless comes into play. Their design uses aerodynamic principles of oscillation and vibration to generate power from a single upright cylindrical design, which reduces the need for moving parts, reduces possible points of failure due to stress and fatigue, and while not as efficient as the giant turbines, their small footprint and reduced cost of production, means you can put up more of them in less space than you need for the traditional wind turbines. Their costs to operate are also lower as they do not need as much upkeep, there are no parts that need to be oiled or otherwise maintained, all of which means that the total cost, not only to initially install, but also to

service and maintain, are considerably less than traditional wind turbines. Oh, and because these can be installed in smaller spaces, they can be used more easily for offgrid purposes, either as a primary, or complementary, power source. This is a very promising technology, that could put an end to even the shakiest of criticisms of wind power.