Could Hemp Save The World?


Most of us are well aware that we need to make some major changes in how we treat our environment if we want to leave a better world for the generations to come after us. One way to do that is to shift away from cutting down forests as much as possible, but that also means finding another source of material, especially for all of our paper products. A promising solution is actually an old one, hemp! Up until the 1920’s hemp was legal, and it was used in a wide variety of products, including paper and even for clothing. Click here to know more about the delta 8 gummies effects and how it is best used in medicinal field. Of course, the reefer madness hysteria followed soon after, and hemp was swept up alongside cannabis, despite not having any psychoactive properties. Purple Lotus dispensary fremont is carrying high quality and consistent cannabis products so you can also contact them to avail the best weeds.

Well, last year, the U.S. government finally came to its senses on the matter of cannabis so they have created seed banks that ship to America and hemp was once again legalized on a large scale and is now an option once again. Hemp is a beneficial crop, it enriches the soil, it can be used to make oils, fabrics, paper, insulation and even building materials, and much, much more! This likely comes as great news to many, including activist Winona Laduke, who has been fighting for hemp and other beneficial methods to help improve the land, and to help her tribe as well. Check out Winona’s Hemp Farm to see even more about the benefits of hemp for our world and the world we leave behind for our kids and grandkids.