Off-Grid Tiny Cabins and Vacation Homes

Off-grid Tiny Cabins and Vacation

Living and camping off-grid.

Does this sound like a very organic, stress-free life that will help you disconnect from the world in the best way possible?

You’re right – it definitely is!

If not, the life you’d choose, it surely is the break you need for a vacation far from the hustle and bustle of this world.

Going into the details of living off-grid … what is the first thing you’ll need?

Simple – A place of residence. And the solution to this is just as simple as the life you’ll have whilst off-grid:

Tiny cabins and vacation homes amongst others.

Living in a cabin – too good

Living in a small, cozy cabin is an amazing idea if you’re going off-grid, be it for living permanently or just for vacations.

The question is—how do you get a cabin?

Purchasing a cabin – the easy way out!

Does buying small cabins and homes off Amazon sound too good to be true? Not at all! In fact, the process of purchasing small cabins and homes has become easier than ever before. Thanks to websites like, you can easily buy a tiny house that is perfect for you. Plus, you can even choose to customize the cabin and make it your own – something that you can’t do when buying from Amazon. With the wide range of options available, you can buy a cabin that fits your exact needs and budget. So why wait? Get your dream cabin today and experience the freedom of living in a tiny home.

Are you working around a budget? – Consider building your very own cabin!

If you’re not willing to pay 000’s of bucks for that cozy little cabin, worry not—you can build your very own using just $300 (or more, if you wish). You can get a glass room divider for your cabin, from here! 

Here’s one way you can build your cabin:

  1. Cut and debark tree trunks
  2. Cut out the door
  3. Set up the foundation and base of the cabin
  4. Assemble the trunks
  5. Place the beams
  6. Line and insulate the roof
  7. Seal any cracks you see
  8. Arrange the floor
  9. Install the doors and windows

Building a

And POOF—you’ve got your very own cabin!

You can then set up lighting and furnish it however you like.

Are you worried about the security in your cabin, worried about how it’s gonna work out in terms of safety? You can also install hidden passages for safety purposes.

Benefits of living in a cabin?

  • Building your own cabin is a relatively easy task that anyone can master
  • Building cabins saves a lot of money
  • They are eco-friendly
  • The better air quality in wooden cabins promotes a healthier lifestyle with improved mental health

Living in Vacation Homes

Vacation homes, also known as holiday homes, are basically little homes used for recreational purposes e.g. used as a place of residence whilst on vacations.

And if your vacation involves living off-the-grid, a vacation home is what you need!

Purchasing your vacation home

Directly buying one may sound like a relatively easy option, but you better be careful. Here are a number of things you should consider before making your purchase:

  1. Decide how much you want to spend
  2. Ensure the house you’re buying has proper safety and security measures in place.
  3. Choose the vacation home that is easiest to access.

Done considering all those factors? Now is the time to make your purchase.

Just like cabins, you can buy your tiny homes directly off amazon, or visit designated areas and check vacation homes out directly.

Building your own vacation home

vacation home

Although you’ll need some serious skill (in plumbing, framing, etc.) if you want to completely Do-It-Yourself, you can always hire builders for the building process to help you customize your very own little home. You would have to research about basement waterproofing, septic pumping, roofing, kitchen remodeling, and more. In addition, it’s up to you to hire Construction Cleanups.

If you want some inspiration and ideas, Pinterest will be very helpful.

One interesting idea that promotes the recreational activity of swimming is to build your very own underground swimming pool – you definitely want to consider this one!

Want an eco-friendlier vacation home? – Try Earth Bag Constructions

A building method that uses natural material and is inexpensive is earthbag construction.

Naturally, it uses soil to build structures easily and quickly, whilst modern earthbag builders mostly use woven polypropylene bags

The benefit this has over cob construction is that it doesn’t require time to dry, so the building process is relatively faster.

Pros and Cons of Vacation Homes

Although cabins are a great option, vacation homes take the win because they are more of a “real” home – you’ll not end up living in an old-age wooden place!

Vacation homes can be built as large or as small as you want, also offering versatility in decorating and furnishing it.

However, there is a disadvantage accompanying the benefits: vacation homes will be slight – *chuckles* well maybe more than slightly – pricier than cabins. So, if you’re working around a budget, you know where to go: DIY-ing a cabin!

Picking Land for Off-grid cabins and vacation homes


Before building your cabin or vacation home on off-grid land, there are a number of factors you want to consider:

  1. APN Number
  2. GPS Coordinates
  3. Has the property been surveyed?
  4. Why is the property being sold?
  5. What did the owner pay for the property?
  6. Who owns the surrounding properties?

After you’ve gotten satisfactory answers to these questions, you’ll want to assess some other factors, such as:

  • Checking the soil for crop potential – will it be able to grow all the food you will consume during your off-grid stay?
  • Analyzing available water supplies – Is there a well nearby? Will the water from the rain drain away efficiently?
  • Electricity potential – If you are deciding to harness solar energy, will there be sufficient sunlight?
  • Wind Power Potential – If you want to harness wind energy, does the wind blow strong enough?

Likewise, there are many other factors you’d want to consider before building your cabin and small vacation homes.

I’m hoping the aforementioned details of cabins and vacation homes persuaded you into building or purchasing yours NOW because living off-grid sure is WORTH IT!