Growing Closer As A Family in Off-Grid Living


City life may have its perks, but off-grid living has an unparalleled charm that drives many people into giving up all conveniences for a simpler, peaceful life. You may find it hard to grow as a family in off-grid living first but once you get a hang of it, things are simpler. What are your reasons for forsaking conventional living? It can be the unmatched peace, the idea of a simpler life, freedom, or the mere challenge of successful self-reliance that drives people to live off the grid.

However, rebuilding ties with family is also a strong motivation for many. Many families leave behind the bustling city to reconnect with family, and if you want to connect with your mom, you can get Mother’s Day cookies delivery so she has a great gift this day. So the next time you feel you’ve lost your children to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the several other platforms out there, consider fleeing with them to a secluded spot, away from all the technological traps!

Skip The Internet – Only If You Can!

Living off the grid does not mean you have to cut away from your internet supply. If you can live without it, and the family is supportive of it, go ahead. There’s no better way to learn more about your children, spouse, parents, or grandparents than without the constant interruptions of messages, statuses, and Instagram stories. The stuff you usually find out through their “status” can now be found out in person – how cool is that!

However, do make sure you’re not disconnected from the world entirely. Living off the grid by no means implies putting the family at risk. Keep solar-powered chargers to make sure your phone doesn’t die out!

Reconnecting With Family Is More Important Now Than Ever Before

“The family that prays together, stays together.” The popular slogan has seen many variations over the centuries. You may also have heard, “the family that eats together, stays together.” No matter what form it appears in, the gist of the statement is this: The family that spends time together will stand by each other for life.

In the busy urban lives of today, this vital message has lost much of its essence. When the family members wake up late, skip breakfast, go to schools/offices at different times with a quick goodbye, head out to the gym, or an outing with friends in the evening, and come back to loads of online activities, you hardly get minutes with the family. Think of the last time you had a nice chat with your kids/parents. Think of the last time you asked your spouse how things were going in their life? Hard to remember? It’s not your fault.

We have so many things on our mind that our loved ones are seamlessly drifting away from us without us even realizing it. Now is the time to rectify things, while it’s still not too late.

Can Off-Grid Living Really Bring The Family Closer?

If you think your family isn’t as close as it should be, off-grid living can make all the difference. In sync with the slogan highlighted earlier, living at a secluded spot, disconnected from the municipality sources, can offer bundles of opportunities to grow the bond stronger.

When you don’t have your regular busy routine to follow, you’ll have meals together, enjoy a chat over tea, work together and explore each other’s likes and dislikes in a way you hadn’t ever before. Then, why choose an outdoor stairlift? It can improve the living of your elderly parents.

Those who have actually tried it highlight that the closeness they develop with their loved ones during this time out has an impact even when they’re back on the grid. Without the thoughts of meetings with clients, massage appointments, deadlines or anything else to distract them, this is the first time they ever get a chance to really listen to what their loved ones have to say.

Activities To Develop Bonding

One of the wonders of off-grid living is you never get bored! Off the grid, you live a self-sustained life, producing your own power, growing your food, bringing your water – in short surviving off your own resources.

When you’re handling a complete list of things on your own, you’ll find plenty of stuff to involve the family in. Take it as a chance to spend more time with the people you treasure most. It will be an excellent learning experience for everyone. Here is a list of activities everyone, including adults, kids and the elderly, can get involved in:

●    Gardening

Remember that off-grid living is all about self-sustenance. No more grocery shopping, since you’ll want to grow most of your food on your own. It can actually be really fun, with the whole family getting involved in gardening. The kids can learn from their parents and grandparents to plant the seeds and tend to them as they grow into plants.

●    Cooking

No more take-outs or dine-ins so the entire family will rely on what’s cooking on the stove or grill. While the older members can help with the preparation and cooking, the younger kids can wash the dishes, set out the plates or just watch and learn.

●    Mealtimes

Mealtimes are probably the most significant tools to bond with the family. It’s the one time when everyone can take a break from what they’re doing and sit to enjoy a wholesome meal together. With off-grid living, it’s even easier to enjoy family meals since you don’t have much else to bother yourself with and your timings match with the rest of the family. Learn what’s going on in your kids’ lives and what their plans are for the future.

●    Camping

Off-grid living and camping are closely linked, especially if you don’t have an energy source to cook food. Camp out in the backyard, share stories and talk about things you haven’t before shared with them.

●    Labour

Those who appreciate the beauty of off-grid living don’t mind the manual labour that comes with it. Let your kids help you with some of the work on the farm. They’ll be thrilled to get involved and will also love to learn lots of new things from you. If they’re old enough, let them help you install the solar panels, dig well and place rain barrels.