Homeschool: Education Off-Grid for Your Children

Homeschool_ Education Off-Grid for Your

One afternoon when you’re relaxing in your cabin you suddenly realize that you’ve got a child to educate and in the next five minutes, you’re choking with panic that why you didn’t think about this before.




See, homeschooling is what you’re gonna do. No, Billy, it’s not difficult.

Homeschooling is e-learning. E-learning is internet learning. Internet is name of the game.

So, let me start off with a brief introduction. Let me first talk about what this term literally means.

It basically refers to a process where education is given in a more personalized and informal way. The teachers are your parents or the enlisted tutors in your area. There are a lot of ways to teach our children, and sometimes it can be in a fun way, like playground markings, which can help you recognize different things. Visit to see the rates of playground markings. 

While playgrounds are fantastic for kids to exercise and have fun, not all play areas are suitable for children with special educational needs and disabilities. This sensory play area, on the other hand, offers an inclusive and welcoming space for children with special educational needs and disabilities, allowing them to explore and engage their senses in a supportive and stimulating environment. The outdoor events can be recreational for the parents of the children, too, because they can engage in the activities with the kids. Make sure to take them to playgrounds done by companies like that prioritizes their safety.

Moreover, all the learning happens completely out of the classroom and it has no traditional boundaries of education. 

And when looking for a venue which has caring and experienced English teachers that are dedicated to your child’s emotional growth and academic success, then this English Learning centre in Hong Kong is the best place to go!

Moving on to how off-grid education takes place, there’s some great news for educated families who choose off-grid living as a lifestyle.

If you wanna be a homeschooling parent then there are some ‘criteria’ you need to fulfil. Catch out this little list below – BTW, I’m pretty sure you’ve already got ’em all:


  • it is required in order to inculcate a sense of hard work and effort in your children

The ability to organize and coordinate 

  • Along with bringing order to your ‘home classroom’, it will also make the achievement of goals easier.

Passion and belief 

  • With a mindset where you realize the importance of education and not only have the vigor and spirit but also a firm belief in yourself, all things are possible.

P.s. this goes for all dads too *smirks*

But if you think you haven’t studied enough yourself – like me 🙁 – then fret not either.

This method of teaching does not require a very fancy degree. All it asks for is a little bit of commitment and time management. Once you know what you’re doing, it’s all easy-peasy. 

Plus, in off-grid living, you ain’t alone either. You’ve the internet like I mentioned before. Homeschooling is all about e-learning now, you’ll always have help!

Now, the internet has another huge benefit. If you don’t have time or if you don’t have the required teaching skills, you may hire a tutor online. We are very impressed with the chemistry A-level tutors in KL we hired.

This way, you can enjoy all the off-grid bonuses and won’t have to worry about your child’s education too.

Told ya’ I was a keeper! 😀 

Teaching Methods of Homeschooling Off-grid


Having considered the low requirements needed for education off-grid, we’re gonna move on to some of the fascinating methods it comprises:

Classical Method:

Includes well-proven and great books with reading and language learning as high priorities.

Charlotte Mason Method:

Depending on the educational level of students, the studying time varies from 15-45 minutes. Observation and focus can come in handy for your child here!

School-at-Home Method:

It is basically the same as your school classroom. Only difference is that it’s not at your school and is instead at your home.

How lovely.

And of course, you can always learn more about these methods to homeschool your child!

However, among this plethora of perks that homeschooling has are a beauty. Let’s have a little look at them: 

Benefits of homeschooling:


  1. Academic flexibility – it is fit for every type of student ranging from quiet to outgoing, ahead to behind, gifted to hard-working and any other combination you can think of!
  2. Efficient learning – the student to teacher ratio is less, so each of you can receive the same level of attention and no time is wasted.
  3. Choose what works – parents can conduct classes in the time that suits them and their children and can also devise their own curriculum
  4. Getting into college – merely the fact that such students have a different experience helps them to stand out and get admitted into a college easily.
  5. Focus on mental health – for a child suffering from social anxiety, homeschooling is a great opportunity to make medical care a priority which will, in turn, help him to grow academically.
  6. Learning life skills – homeschooling provides the opportunity to spend more time at home hence allowing parents to incorporate ‘adulting’ into learning.

If you’re thinking that the above advantages are concerned with the students only, then no, they’re not.

These are benefits for you, the parents as well.

I mean, not only can you continue your own education alongside, you can also share your hobbies and interests. You can attain freedom from a school schedule and experience personal growth.

Another win you get is that you have to spend lesser money from saving on expensive school clothes (uniforms) to cutting down on the public-school fee or private school tuition. 

Now, I know there maybe some of you who are suffering from the “grass is greener on the other side” syndrome.

So, for those of you who suppose that their children may be missing out on learning opportunities, stop and think about all the things they have been able to participate in because of your flexible schedule

Similarly, the fear of homeschooled children not being prepared for the future may be eliminated by concentrating on polishing and bringing up new skills in them which will ultimately make their abilities strong.

Homeschooling may be thought to be dry and boring since children stay at home and don’t get to participate in the activities carried out at school.

More Ways to Make Off-Grid Homeschooling Interesting

Play more games:

How about strewing games? These may help in learning science, mathematics, and history all while playing!

You’re probably wondering how that’s possible.

But yes, it really can be done through puzzles, crafts and art supplies, kits, and hands-on activities.

Learning new languages:

Have you ever thought about how innovative it would be to speak different languages at home?

And the best part is that the internet has made it FREE to learn a new language! Amazing how you can learn Nepali online with Ling.

Watch documentaries and films together:

This is an exciting way of allowing your children to have a deeper insight into a topic of interest or to develop new interests.

Fun, isn’t it?


Each of you beautiful people reading this NEED to let go of your fears related to off-grid education.

Focus on the benefits, and let it flow. It’s gonna make you proud.

Children are the future – inspire them. Nurture their creativity, and help them explore. Help them grow in the wonderful option of homeschooling!