Check Out This Amazing Homemade Underground Swimming Pool!


Imagine this beautiful swimming pool from in your off grid backyard! There is no shortage of “primitive” building videos online these days, and for good reason, they are fascinating to watch, and even if you don’t have all the same resources near you, they can help spark some ideas of your own for projects you might want to attempt. Some of the most interesting are the ones that deal with building secret passage, or underground homes/huts that have other features built right in.

As stated by the experienced pool builder New Orleans LA, some of the coolest ones include underground swimming pools, or primitive hot tubs that can be heated from underneath with hot coals or fires. To add some style to your pool, seek help from experts such as Concreter Bendigo.  A swimming pool construction project can add a touch of luxury to any property. And to make you pool safer, you may consider installing a pool fencing system around your swimming pool.

This isn’t just primitive living, this is luxury primitive living, and watching them gives you a sense of “If they can do it, so can I!”, especially if you have access to more modern tools and materials.

If you want to try and recreate them, that is certainly one approach to take, but for many, the inspiration and motivation can help jumpstart their own tiny home projects. Seeing how someone can use little more than the resources around them and simple hand tools, it is hard not to feel inspired.

When completed, these pool construction projects look like something you might expect to find at some luxury resort on a desert island, rather than in the middle of the jungle, miles away from other people.

Have you seen these videos yet? If so, what do you think you could do with the resources you have on hand?

How about this primitive in ground pool build?!?