The Future Of Solar Energy Is Bright As Costs Continue to Drop For Consumers!


Just over 8 years ago, the solar industry employed under 100,000 people in the U.S. and the price per watt to the consumer was over $6. Since then, the solar industry has surpassed 240,000 jobs, and the price per watt has plummeted to just $2.89 and still falling with some estimating that the overall cost of renewable energies, including solar, will effectively be free by 2030. The only bit of bad news is that jobs were down a bit in the last year due to the tariffs imposed by the Trump administration which caused some delays in expected projects. Despite this, the overall forecast is optimistic as solar continues to increase across the country.

The increase in solar isn’t just in traditional panel systems. Tesla is planning to increase their solar roof production, and other advances have power producing folding blinds and even windows coming to the market. People can check out this link if they need windows replacement services.  The advancing technology is causing the cost of solar to drop, while also increasing the efficiency and variety of panels available to the average consumer. With all of this, the future of solar power is looking pretty bright.