Tesla Goes Big (Rig)!


Tesla has been making waves in recent years, from their PowerWalls, to their solar roofs, they have pushed the technology for off grid living forward at a pace many thought was impossible. They have built some of the largest batteries in the world, opened up factories to produce solar panels to go with their solar roofing tiles, and of course, they are already famous for producing the most advanced electric vehicles on the market today, and recently, they have taken that concept a step further by announcing their all electric big rigs.

These aren’t a novelty item, companies are already putting in orders to at least get a small trial fleet up and running so they are likely to be something we are all going to see on the roads in the very near future. Many of the benefits are obvious. Less need for fuel (one very large expense for most trucking companies, large and small alike), a range that lasts the entire length of a legal driving day before needing to recharge, faster acceleration even under full legal limit loads and a host of other benefits that those of you who have driven truck can think of. However, there are also likely to be benefits to the general off grid community as well.


These advances are going to need more power stations installed by ev charging station installers to meet the demand to charge these vehicles, which, with corporate America on board, is almost certainly going to happen sooner rather than later. The reduction in fuel costs will also mean lower prices for goods transported by truck, which, quite frankly, is essentially everything, which means that buying the materials for your off grid dream cabin should cost you less in the future as well. You can also now find electric cars for sale in san diego at Miramar Car Center. The lack of emissions means cleaner air and water for all of us, which means more land that is suitable for off grid living with less pollution to worry about. In fact, while some of the benefits to the off grid community will be pretty obvious (if you need to haul your supplies to your out of the way location, there will be no fuel costs associated with it, so that will save you money), others may not be apparent as of yet, but it is almost certain that the technology involved will end up with significant applications that will benefit not only the off grid community, but the world at large as it makes living more sustainable.

For more info and specs check out https://www.tesla.com/semi