Should Children Be Taught How To Grow Food As Part of Their Schooling?

Do you think children should be taught how to grow food as part of their schooling? That is a very good question this day and age. It’s really something I think we should be thinking about as parents. Modern times bring with it wonderful new innovative technology and exciting new inventions. Modern technology has advanced exponentially over the past century and a half, we’ve come so far with regards to increasing our ability to survive the harsh reality of the real world. Technology has created abundance and comfort the likes of which the world has never seen before.

Yet somehow, along the way, we’ve lost part of our former selves. We’ve lost some very valuable real-world knowledge and the skills we need to take care of our families. I guess it’s because modern technology and conveniences like grocery stores, delivery services, modern agriculture and farming techniques and the advent of the factory farm have all contributed to the loss of this knowledge and in some ways have made us complacent.

No longer do most people teach their children the basics of life and survival. What would happen if the current system collapsed? No that it would or to be alarmist or fearmongering, but it’s an honest hard question to ask without being negative or conspiratorial. This isn’t about that, it’s about the real possibility of “what if”? natural disasters happen all the time and that’s just one reason why teaching our children how to grow their own food is such a valuable lesson.

It’s a priceless skill to learn. You can’t put a price on that kind of knowledge.

So tell me…why are we not teaching our children to grow their own food in school? Why is it not part of the curriculum? Is there a reason?

What do you think?

Do you think children should be taught how to grow their own food as part of their schooling?

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