Embodying Nature: Life in Off-Grid Earthships

Embodying nature-life in offgrid eartrhships-offgridliving.net

Life in Off-grid Earthships really does personify nature – one of the most fascinating parts of off-grid living. Now that you are already familiar with the most amazing parts of living off-the-grid, you must’ve realized that one crucial thing is: living off-grid is not for the unprepared.

Deciding where to live is a significant area of focus while planning to go off-grid because of the vast options available.

Some of the more famous ones include cabins, tiny homes, recreational vehicles, and Earthships.

In this blog, I’ll give you details on what life is like in renovated off-grid Earthships.

Off-grid Earthships Cost – What’s More Affordable?

According to some myth-busters, building Earthships ISN’T cheap. In reality, there is a lot of labor involved and the tools required. As a result, the process is heavy on the pocket. (well, unless you decide to do all the work yourself instead of hiring laborers).

An estimate of cost shows that it costs 225 USD per square foot to build an Earthship!

If you’re working around a budget, the more affordable option is buying an old home built on the land. You can then renovate it to make your dream incredible renovated Earthship.

And if you’re a Do-It-Yourself person, you will have to pay even lesser – Do all the renovation yourself, and your costs will be minimal!

Off-grid Earthship Homes for Sale

You can also buy an Earthship that already has the entire system of self-sufficiency set up. This direct purchase will help reduce the amount of work you’ll have to put into all the DIY-ing!

What is Life Like in Renovated Off-Grid Earthships?

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The concern in your mind about what the quality of life will be in off-grid Earthships is valid. Surprisingly, it’s going to be pretty good! I mean, what can be better than having all the necessary facilities while relying minimally on local utilities?

Let’s have a more in-depth look into how life will work out during your stay in a renovated Earthship.

Self-Sufficiency – Best Part of Off-Grid Earthships

You will get to live the “dream organic life.” That’s right – you’ll grow your organic vegetables and fruits, raise chickens to get your eggs, use natural water that does not come from one exact source, and bake your bread!

The best part of self-sufficiency is that it’s a two-in-one package. You will not be only consuming organic, unprocessed food, but you will also be super environment-friendly. Now, how cool is that?

No Artificial Lighting – Keepin’ It All Natural!

Unless you want to have artificial lights, you can work with natural light. Renovated Earthships have structures that allow maximum sunlight to enter indoors.

Power Generation – How Does It Work in Off-Grid Earthships?

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Earthships generate energy a natural way.

They make use of the phenomena of wind and light. Large solar panels and wind turbines are used. This helps harness the energy and generate power.

Harvesting Water – Yes, Really!

rainwater harvesting offgridliving.net

Unlike your ordinary city life, water won’t come from a designated source. This unreliability can be intimidating initially, but when you get the hang of harvesting your water, you’ll never want to go back to artificial sources!

Denver commercial roofing contractor helped us to get the best roof installation. Earthships are designed to collect rainwater from their flat roofs and filter it. It is then supplied within the house. The used water is in turn circulated to your garden outdoors or used for flushing your toilets. A roof replacement may be necessary if your roof has several leaks that not only damage the interior of your home but also prevent you from collecting rainwater.

Heating System – Off-Grid Earthships Can Do It All!

Going off-grid is cool, but you don’t want to freeze yourself if you don’t have a central heating system.

So, what’s the solution? A rather unusual one: you’re going to be utilizing the scorching heat of the sun.

Earthships are usually facing the sun, so maximum sunlight enters the indoors, which will provide light and heat the interior. (Oh, and give you some much-needed vitamin D)

The people in the city tend to underestimate the power of the sun.

During extremely cold winters, though, you may still have to rely on a heating system. So be sure to have one installed and keep the contact information of an emergency heating repair contractor in case it breaks down.

The Sewage System – It’s Sorted.

Like everything else, the sewage system of Earthships is also self-contained. Water is used and reused in botanical cells (planters).

It is used in four different areas. These include everyday use (washing, drinking, etc.), interior botanical cells, flushing the toilets, and exterior botanical cells. (The key is: REUSE!)

Off-grid Earthships in the USA

With more and more people deciding to go off-grid, there is an increase in the Earthship communities worldwide. Here, I will highlight the major of these in the United States of America.

The Vallecitos

The build of The Vallecitos makes it a visually pleasing house that catches the eye of anyone passing by. Its build allows for maximum self-sustainability. Sunlight enters the house, providing heat and light, and there is a contained water sewage system, amongst other factors.

One feature that is bound to grab your attention: The Vallecitos has solar-powered Wi-Fi! Cool, eh?

The Euro

The Euro is another unique Earthship. It allows for a well-ventilated interior and provides all the necessary resources.  It’s just a lot more environment-friendly, natural, and cheap!

Like all other Earthships, it has all the built-in features you will need to self-sustain and lead an independent, organic life.


Going off-the-grid is a decision many are willing to take. And a large proportion of these people prefer Earthships. After all, they give you all the necessities you need to live a stress-free life while being eco-friendly.

Taking a more in-depth look into how Earthships work helps illustrate their main features: solar power generation, harvesting water, producing your food, a contained sewage system, and natural lighting and heating.

I mean, renovated Earthships are beautiful off-grid homes!