Modern Tiny Home Made From Hemp!


We all know that tiny homes remain popular for a variety of reasons. They allow you to own a home at a fraction of the usual cost, they can be built on portable trailer platforms, they are often more energy efficient, and they are great for those who want to live a less materialistic lifestyle, just to name a few of the reasons you may want to consider a tiny home. They are also the perfect vehicle to showcase the versatility of hemp when it comes to construction materials. There are several building materials derived from hemp, and they are often lightweight, well insulated, cost effective, and long lasting. One company that saw this potential has been using hemp to construct their modular tiny homes for off grid living, construction crew housing, and more. In addition, scaffolding is widely used during construction and renovation activities. You can visit a website that offers a wide variety of scaffolding and scaffold frames so that you can ensure that you and your team stay safe while on the jobsite.

Stay Kondo builds beautiful modular tiny homes, which can be added to and configured to suit any need, and they do it using hemp as their primary building material. They also have features which can be added in order to make their units ideal for going off the grid, including integrated solar power systems, to grey/black water storage systems, and even rainwater collection and filtration, which means you won’t need to rely on any of the utility companies in order to have your off grid home ready to live in from day one. All of this, with available smart home technology, and it’s built on a foundation of eco-friendly, carbon neutral, hemp! Put that in your pipe and smoke it while you think about it this 4/20.