Exciting Off-grid Living Trends For 2021


Do you want 2021 to be more productive and reliable when living off the grid? Learn more about off-grid living trends for 2021 that you must know about!

Here are our top off-grid living trends for 2021:

Natural cleaning and antibacterial solutions

The year 2020 and the global coronavirus pandemic has led all of us to become more cautious about our health. The world finally understands the need to keep germs at bay through the use of cleaning and antibacterial solutions. However, if you are living off the grid, then buying these products may be a hassle.

No worries! You can make your own natural cleaning and antibacterial solutions. Just use 2/3 cup of rubbing alcohol, 1/3 cup of aloe vera, and 5 – 10 drops of essential oil to form a mixture that can be used as a hand sanitizer. When the alcohol molecules interact with pathogenic microorganisms, it enters the outer fat membrane and destroys the contents inside.

The importance of hygiene cannot be understated.

However, note that it is not enough to keep your hands sanitized. Your environment matters too because harmful microorganisms can survive on hard surfaces for hours.

Your kitchen, washrooms, and living room can become hotbeds for bacterial growth if you do not clean them as often as you should. Lemon juice, baking soda, salt, olive oil, and vinegar are all powerful ingredients lying around the house (when living off the grid) that can be used to get rid of stains, odors, and disease-causing pathogens!

When you are living off the grid, it is easy for your living space to turn into a mess, so use these natural cleaning and antibacterial solutions to keep yourself and your loved ones safe!

When the demands of off-grid living become overwhelming, seeking the assistance of a professional cleaning service can be a game-changer. Whether you’re focused on sustainable living or just need a helping hand, a reliable cleaning service like the ones provided by Chloe’s Cleaning Services can provide the expertise to maintain your off-grid haven.

For residents in Madison, WI, finding the right cleaning service is crucial for a harmonious blend of convenience and eco-conscious living. Consider reaching out to local professionals specializing in eco-friendly cleaning practices to ensure your off-grid retreat remains both tidy and environmentally responsible. Cleaning Service in Madison, WI, can be your ally in maintaining a spotless and green living space, allowing you to fully enjoy the off-grid lifestyle without compromising on cleanliness.
Off-grid Living Trends For 2021 are all about being safe!

Rainwater collection

With global warming on the rise, the year 2021 is set to have increase variability in in rainfall patterns. If you grow your crops yourself, then you need to be prepared for dry spells by collecting rainwater any chance you get.

Harvesting and storing rainwater needs to be part of your off-grid living strategy in 2021, which is why you should consider investing in a water storage tank and rainwater collection system. If you need a custom-made tank, you may have to order it from a company that has the necessary equipment like an automatic girth welding machine to make the tank.

There are various ways to go about it, but it all comes down to how big you want your rainwater collection system to be and the total volume of water you expect it to hold. Depending on your usage, you may need a sterilization method to purify the water so that it is fit for drinking.

Just make sure that it is legal to harvest rainwater in whichever state you are living in!

Rocket stoves

You might not have abundant access to natural gas for cooking when you are living off the grid, which is why 2021 is all about forecasting future needs, especially food-related ones. Either as a norm or in case of emergencies, you need to have a rocket stove for cooking fulfilling meals and sustaining your family when things get challenging.

A rocket stove is a cheap, effective, and simple tool that can be used for cooking food outdoors. All you need is recyclable items (soup cans or tins) and lots of tree branches to get the fire going. Perlite works as incredible insulation material for your rocket stove, so it is a good idea to have that on you.

Rocket stove will be new Off-grid Living Trends For 2021 .

All you have to do is make circular holes in sturdy soup cans of varying sizes and fit them together to form a heating chamber. The number of cans you use depends on how often you plan to use your rocket stove and for how long. Next, you need to fill the outer chamber with insulation material to keep the fire going for longer.

To start the fire, you will need to use newspaper scraps before you can start adding wooden planks or tree branches. For a more permanent and long-term solution heating solution, your rocket stove will need to be made from bricks in a sheltered location.

Guide for making a rocket stove: https://www.instructables.com/How-to-make-a-Rocket-Stove-from-a-10-Can-and-4-So/

Harnessing solar power

Every passing day, more research is being done into solar power and how it can be used as an inexpensive, sustainable, and feasible source of energy. If you are living off the grid, then chances are that you are not connected to a power grid. If so, you need to come up with innovative alternative methods of harnessing the earth’s renewable energy sources.

If you do not want to be at the mercy of nature, then you will find that solar power is magnitudes more practical and reliable compared wind energy. However, you will need to invest in solar panels but the long term return will make it worth it. The photovoltaic cells capture the sun’s light and convert it to electrical energy which can be used for various purposes.

Solar power system will be popular in Off-grid Living Trends For 2021 .

Your most urgent and immediate need will be heating food. Solar powered cookers can be used to warm food by using reflective and conductive surfaces to concentrate the sun’s light and heat food at safe temperatures.

Heating solutions that make use of solar power can help you get through winter too! Just because you are living off the grid does not mean that you should not get to enjoy a hot relaxing bath during cold winter nights. 2021 is all about focusing on yourself and enjoying the little things in life. Solar power heaters can warm up water in a pinch so that you can enjoy a relaxing bath! If you already own residential or commercial water heaters instead of solar, make sure to hire an expert to conduct regular water heater repair and maintenance to keep your water heating system efficient.

Get Set For Major Changes in Off-grid Living Trends For 2021

It is no surprise that 2020 has tested everyone’s patience. It has been a shocking year, especially for those of us living off the grid trying to sustain ourselves and our loved ones in these confusing and paralyzing times.

However, it is now time to move into the next year with the wisdom of hindsight, experience gained in the past few months, and unique off grid living trends for 2021!

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