Building an Underground Bunker


Underground bunkers have been around for more than a hundred years, but they have certainly experienced an uptick in interest since the coronavirus pandemic started. Bunker company Vivos, for instance, is selling roughly one $35,000 bunker every day at a compound in South Dakota—and some have chosen to live in such compounds full time given present circumstances.


Bunkers are currently experiencing an unexpected resurgence after falling out of favor for many years. Citizens as well as government officials built numerous underground bunkers in the latter half of the 20th century as fears over nuclear war grew in the period after the Second World War. These structures, which range from rudimentary concrete boxes to facilities spanning tends of thousands of square feet, still exist all across the United States, though many have fallen into disrepair. Concrete needs can be bought still from a polished concrete Adelaide company.


Many opt to have a contractor build underground bunkers, and there exists an entire industry around “luxury bunkers,” with Silicon Valley billionaires the main customers. These facilities in remote locations are stocked with amenities and cost several million dollars. 


With a bit of preparation, a reasonable budget for materials and excavation services, and some hard work, it is possible to build your own underground bunker on your own property. You have plenty of options available to you for accomplishing this goal, in fact you can even get an Excavator for Rent and do this on your own if your so inclined. You don’t need to be preparing for the end of the world to have good reason to build a bunker, as these structures have myriad uses. According to Manuel Prada, bunkers can offer protection from a number of natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes, not to mention wildfires and earthquakes, which can leave other kinds of structures untenable in the immediate aftermath. 


When deciding to build your own bunker, the following steps are essential:


  • Get proper permits
  • Find a suitable location
  • Design a blueprint
  • Choose the right material
  • Rent excavating and precision grading equipment
  • Dig the space needed for the structure
  • Reinforce the walls
  • Make sure to obtain a generator, air filter, and water purifier
  • Stock up on provisions.

Check out the infographic from BigRentz for a step by step guide to building your own bunker.