What Would You Do With A Universal Basic Income?


What do you think of a universal basic income for everyone. Before you answer, read this. Think about this. Your shelter, water, food and power would be taken care of. All your basics would be covered. This would free you up to do whatever you wanted.

Let’s do a thought experiment. Now! Before we start our little experiment lets make something crystal clear. Off Grid Living is about living off grid and that means being independent, self reliant, building your own things, growing your own food, living sustainably, in harmony with nature, and to use the land respectfully and practically. Having said that, most people who want to go off grid work a day job.

They feel they must work this job to pay the bills. And when these people see something like “Basic Income” they automatically are programmed to say “Welfare”. When in reality they are completely ignoring the fact that they themselves are a slave to the system which keeps them in debt and working for the man. The irony here is palpable.

So, no. You really don’t get to complain about people being “lazy” or that “welfare makes people lazy” or that “welfare is bad” while you ignore your own slavery to a system that will chew you up and spit you out if you stop working for just a week or two.


If you had a solid income, that you could pay your basic bills with, and that would free you up to do anything you want. What would you do? If your first thought is “that would make people lazy”. Then you are ignoring the question and failing to give it real thought. And further, if you say you’d just lay around and collect the money, then obviously we see where the TRUE problem lies in your thinking and perception of basic income.

Really honestly give this some thought. Answer the question.

What would you do if you had a basic income that covered all your basic needs?

Would you move off grid sooner? Would you buy more solar panels for your power system? Build a cabin? Go to school? Get a degree? Further your education? Sell everything and travel? Build a bigger garden? Start a Farmer’s Market? Start a business?

What would you do with a basic income?