Job and Off-Grid Living, together?

Job and Off-Grid Living,

Living off-grid but don’t know how to have a job?

That’s one of the main concerns for people living off-grid because of course there are some things that you can’t grow or barter.

For instance, property taxes have to be paid and to be very honest, I’ve never found an insurance company that accepts self-made furniture in return for a home.


Yeah, I know that’s some pretty sad news, but no need to worry; I’m here to the rescue!

This article has the answer to how you can keep a job while living off the grid.

Living off the grid jobs – how to earn money?

Now I suppose that the first idea that most of you get after reading ‘how to earn money while living off-the-grid’ is doing an online business.

Yes, that’s a great option but only for those who have internet off-the-grid or those living near towns where they can sell their products.

“But what about those who don’t have these facilities?”

Come on, cheer up. I have a list of some wonderful careers for those of you living off-grid without the internet.

   1. Writing newspapers


“What? Newspapers? How boring…”

That’s the type of reaction I expected but hold up, it’s not that boring. Writing for local newspapers can be pretty fun!

You can make your newspaper very interesting with catchy headlines and hard/soft news. Make sure to use short sentences and precise words. And yes, you can always add different puzzles and word crosses to convince a larger group to buy your newspaper.

   2. Teach your skills

Everyone has some unique skill.

To get paid while living off-the-grid, you can organize a night school at your home where you can teach that skill to other people.

For example, if you’ve learned how to install a solar panel or if you have some unique gardening methods, you can sell these skills to people in your neighborhood.

You can also take advantage of your cooking skills: bake and cook delicious food and sell it!

   3. Use your garden to have a job while off-grid living


Yes, you actually can make a living only by owning a garden!

It’s a fascinating and fun way of making money off-grid; you can grow herbs and sell them to a local farmer’s market or save seedlings from last year and sell them in the next year; produce teas and essential oils from your homemade herbs and the list goes on…

You can even use your ax to earn a living – chop wood from your woodlot and sell it! 

   4. Use your animals


You have to invest in the maintenance and care of the animals that you own. I don’t think it would hurt to take some of their help when trying to keep a job while living off-the-grid.

If you own a goat, you can sell goat milk soap and meat.

If you own a buffalo, you can sell milk and cheese. You may also try selling the compost!

If you own bees, sell honey.

If you own chickens, sell eggs.

The ways through which you can have a job and off-grid living together through animals’ ownership are endless!

Keeping an online job and off-grid living together

“You just said those who don’t have internet access couldn’t work online.”

Calm down, calm down, I know I said that.

But you know what? You DO have the option to work online even while living off-the-grid without having internet access at your home.

Now let me explain how: if you have skills that you want to sell online, for example, being a teacher or freelance writer, hosting a YouTube channel, or selling your e-book or aesthetic photography, you can visit a cafeteria, food court, or any library to gain access to the internet.

This option might not be as convenient as working entirely from home, but this is a feasible alternative especially if you can find a location closer to your home to lessen the distance traveled every day. If you’re concerned about your home address being associated with your business, a local virtual office is the perfect solution. To learn more about the benefits of virtual offices, visit this page and discover how you can maintain your privacy while establishing a professional image.

Best way to ‘switch’ from a full-time corporate job to off-grid living

You will need to carry out several steps to get there for those of you who are yet to shift to off-grid living.

Here’s a list of how you can keep a job while off-grid living without getting stuck in a position where you won’t be able to pay your taxes:

  • Save money and buy a homestead without any debt
  • Develop skills, for example, canning or leathermaking so you can have a job living off-the-grid.
  • Add cabins to your homestead and rent them during peak seasons
  • Save some money for unforeseen events, for example, a drought.

Is there another way out?


Yes, there definitely is!

If you want to go off-grid without a job, here are five ways how you can live without money:

  1. Buy a piece of low-cost land.
  2. Build your homestead yourself.
  3. Grow your food on your own.
  4. No need to dig wells – purify the available water.
  5. Install a solar panel for free electricity.

Conclusion – is off-grid living worth it?

Those living off-the-grid want to live a simple life along with helping the environment. No doubt, the time and effort involved are worth it. With good planning, anything is possible.

 All you have to do is be creative, welcome innovative ideas, and learn unique skills that will help you make money while living off-the-grid.

Start by taking up one to two skills from this article and master them. Don’t forget that your passion and dedication matter a lot while learning something new and selling it. Once you’ve got the hang of it, there’s nothing that can stop you from getting paid to live off-grid.

Yup, that’s how simple it is to keep a job and off-grid living, both together!