Fantastic Underground Home And Pool!


There are some really jaw droppingly amazing primitive building techniques out there, and some of the videos around the internet show what can be done with some ingenuity and knowing your own environment.

Of course, many of them are based in the rainforest or similar tropical climates that have more resources than, say, the desert, but either way they showcase how beautiful creations are not reliant on modern tools or materials. We recently posted about one of them, and we’ve come across another that we just had to tell you about.

It is an underground home and swimming pool! They creativity and skills to make this, and to make it look as gorgeous as it is, is to be respected and admired. 

Maintaining such an impressive pool, however, requires a different set of skills. In environments like the desert, where resources may be scarcer, the upkeep of a pool becomes a delicate balance. Ensuring water quality, proper filtration, and equipment maintenance are crucial aspects of preserving the pool’s beauty and functionality. Residents in areas like the desert might find it beneficial to seek assistance from experienced professionals in pool maintenance, such as Pool Service Experts in Jacksonville, Florida. Their expertise can be invaluable in navigating the unique challenges of maintaining a pool in diverse climates, ensuring that these incredible creations continue to stand as testaments to human ingenuity and adaptability.

Alongside routine maintenance tasks, considering upgrades like NEW POOL EQUIPMENT INSTALLATION IN IVINS can further enhance the pool’s efficiency and resilience against desert challenges. From installing energy-efficient pumps to incorporating advanced filtration systems tailored to desert conditions, these upgrades not only streamline pool operations but also contribute to water conservation efforts. Whether it’s routine maintenance, equipment upgrades, or troubleshooting unforeseen issues, relying on a swimming pool contractor ensures that the pool continues to be a refreshing retreat amid the arid landscape.

This is almost beyond belief, and the fact that they use little more than what they can find in the environment around them, well that should be inspirational to all of us. Even if we don’t have these exact resources, we could certainly use the concepts to try our own primitive off grid building projects!