Coronavirus Officially Declared Global Pandemic by World Health Organization

Coronavirus Officially Declared Global Pandemic by World Health Organization
Coronavirus Officially Declared Global Pandemic by World Health Organization

Coronavirus Officially Declared Global Pandemic by World Health Organization. The WHO has declared Coronavirus a pandemic as the virus spreads across the globe. Germany’s Prime Minister has said that 2 in 3 Germans may contract the disease as the virus spread across Europe and the world. In the USA, President Trump announced the US is temporarily suspending travel from Europe. The NBA has paused/postponed all games, large events are cancelling all over the world. Even a conference about the corona virus has been cancelled. This is a real pandemic and people are getting sick and some are dying. Tom Hanks and his wife announced that they are also infected.

If you have not prepared you need to. If you’re off grid then you’re most likely prepared and can ride this out without any fear.

As off grid homesteaders pat of our lifestyle is being self reliant. We make it a point to be prepared for anything, including a pandemic.

Shelter, water, food, weapons, medicine, first aid and security. This is our way of life. If you’re off grid you also fair a better chance of not contracting the virus. A pandemic like this infects city dwellers and socialites. It pays to be anti-social in this case.

Stay away from crowds if possible. If you need supplies, go EARLY in the morning to avoid crowds. Where gloves and a mask. Carry disinfecting spray and wipes and hand sanitizer. Wash your hands. Keep your hands clean, don’t touch anything you don’t need to and don’t touch your face or nose. This is how the virus spread (they believe).

It’s not known for sure yet if coronavirus is airborne. If the virus is spread through the air you can become infected if someone sneezes or coughs on you or you are exposed to micro-droplets in the air. Again, we don’t know for sure if the virus is airborne or not. So take proper precautions. Wear protective gear. Face mask, latex gloves, etc.

If you’re stock up on food and supplies already you may not need to go anywhere.

Italy has completely locked down. Citizens aren’t allowed to go anywhere. Other places are following this as well, but it may not be needed. It’s just a precaution at this point. Italy has been hard hit by the virus, so it’s understandable they are locking things down.

If this happens in your area you will need food and water for a while. And it’s probably advisable not to go anywhere unless you absolutely have to.

It wouldn’t be a surprise is schools are shut down soon temporarily until this pandemic is under control. It’s not a good idea to panic.

The Flu is More Deadly Than Coronavirus (for now; we’re still learning about the virus)

Let’s be clear, as of the information we know now the flu kills many more people than Coronavirus. The mortality rate for coronavirus is lower than the flu. The problem is though, most people do not have an immunity to the Coronavirus and can become infected if exposed.

Avoid other people. Avoid areas that are crowded. Stay at least 6 feet away from others. Don’t touch things that other people have touched; they may be infected and may not have clean hands. Stay safe. Don’t panic!

Don’t Panic!

People are freaking out. Understandably. But there are diseases that are more deadly. The flu is more deadly as of right now. The flu kills hundreds of thousands of people annually. Millions of people died of the flu over the past decade.

Coronavirus has infected about 1000 people here in the USA. There are 327 million people here. It’s not even a tenth of the population. Stay calm, everything will most probably be fine.

We’re still learning about Coronavirus and will post updates as we know more.

Updates to come. Stay tuned.


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