Aircrete Domes Make Affordable Off Grid Homes!


With off grid living becoming more popular with an increasingly diverse mix of people, there is a lot of interest in low cost or even DIY homes that can be easily setup by almost anyone. As stated by experts from Bowers Construction NB, there are plenty of flatpack options, or modular designs that you can have shipped to the site of your choice these days as well as numerous plans online to construct your own home from a wide variety of materials, including shipping containers. Most people shy away from taking on concrete based construction when it comes to DIY projects of course, but if you think outside the box of standard mixes, there are other concrete options that could be perfect for a unique DIY off grid home. You can go here for more simple ideas that are easily achievable and can be done in home itself.

One unique blend of concrete is aircrete. Aircrete is a lighter and more versatile version of concrete which can be ideal for creating your off grid living space. In fact, it can be the perfect solution to creating your own off grid dome style home! The lightweight material is easy to mold and sculpt into different shapes, and can often be sculpted with basic woodworking tools. It offers the waterproof, fireproof, and structural qualities of concrete but in a much easier to work formula. Adding a membrane to the structure can also greatly increase the tensile strength in much the way other forms of concrete often need some reinforcement.

Domes are some of the strongest structures you can build, with great weight distribution and allow for unsupported open floor designs. The rounded roof will keep snow or other debris from collecting and causing damage. Aircrete recipes can be found online and often can be made with a good degreasing dish detergent, so the ingredients are not hard to come by. Aircrete domes are durable, rot resistant, waterproof, fireproof, and offer great thermal and acoustic insulation. If you’re considering an off grid option that will be different than all the others, then an aircrete based dome may be perfect for you.