101 Reasons To Live Off Grid

Working on the farm

60. Always something to do

This kind of goes without saying. Living on an off grid homestead, farm, or ranch means there will always be something to do. Whether it’s work related or recreational. You’ll never be bored.

61. Natural beauty

This is perhaps one of the most important aspects of living off the grid. Because you’ll most likely be living in the country, you’ll most likely be in a more natural setting, close to a forest, in a forest, or mountains, prairies, or the river. Point being, the natural beauty is right out your back door, or kitchen window. Natural beauty is the most beautiful beauty. But you can enhance it more when your nails are treated with these Glitterbels Hema Free Gel Polishes here!

62. Great outdoors & access to 

thousands of acres of outdoor 


As mentioned before, the great outdoors and wilderness are your backyard. You can hunt, fish, hike, camp, ATV, snowmobile, ride horses, ski, swim, and picnic, all right in your own backyard. Being so close to the wildlife and wilderness gives you the opportunity to enjoy nature in a way most only dream of.

63. Vacation and relaxation 

without having to leave home

Being in a rural area gives you the advantage of staying home and relaxing with nature instead of having to drive 1000 miles to get to a peaceful vacation spot. On your off grid homestead you’re already there!

64. Cleaner air

Clean fresh air is so…refreshing. Kinda helps you live longer too. Way better than breathing in all the pollution in the city.

65. Lower cost of living

Living off the grid lowers your overall cost of living because your initial expense is higher, and your monthly expense is spread out over a longer period of time. Eventually this will mean you will be pulling in a surplus in excess of your initial expense. Thereby lowering your overall monthly and annual cost of living.

66. You can climb trees!

Try climbing a tree in the city park, and people will look at you funny. Out in the country, you’re allowed to climb trees, and no one will judge you. In fact, we’ll probably join you.


Nuff’ said.

68. Lemonade & sun sweetened iced tea

This kind of just goes without saying, but it’s so wonderfully refreshing in the heat of the summer.

69. Skinny dipping

Come on, you know you want to. And since you’re in the country, no one will care.

Dancing in the field

70. You can dance in the field

No one will care or judge you if you decide to dance around in your fields. Except maybe your livestock. They might look at you funny.

71. You can camp out in your own backyard

This is just self explanatory. Your backyard is the natural world!

72. Because, TREES!!! 

We all love trees.

73. Fewer rules & more freedom 

Technically speaking, fewer rules mean more freedom for you and your family. This stems from the fact that rural areas typically have less strict rules and regulations regarding building and agricultural activities. There are many rural areas throughout the world that have little to no restrictions on what you can do with your land and how you use it. This gives you more freedom overall to build your off grid homestead however you please.

74. Room to grow & build

You can start and work on more projects. That’s not to say you’ll finish them all, but hey, at least we can work on our projects!

75. Sense of community

When you live off grid, it does have a sense of community, even if your community is spread out around the world, you belong to a group of people who put sustainability ahead of consumerism, and that by itself is rewarding. You belong to a group of people, millions strong who a care about and love the planet we live on. Who love nature, and who know how to give back, share and grow with one another. That is community.

76. Cows

Admit it. You want a cow. You’ve always wanted a cow.

77. Horses

We all love horses. You can ride your horse and enjoy nature on horseback, and if you really feel wild, then head up into the hills for a wilderness trail ride. You can also build a equestrian arena.

78. You get to own a tractor!

Tractors are cool. And from what I hear, women think tractors are sexy. So there’s that.

79. You are your own boss

You set your own hours. Do your own thing.