101 Reasons To Live Off Grid

Teaching and community outreach

40. Share your skills with others

Sharing your skills with others is simply part of life. It’s one that sadly has become a rarity in the fast paced world that most people live in. It’s easier however on everyone when people share. The rewards are incalculable because it helps people grow in perpetuity. Future generations will benefit from what you share now, and your children and grandchildren are the people who will carry on that legacy.

41. Learn new skills

We all could learn a thing or two. We really don’t know it all, and besides, it’s fun to learn things.

42.Make new friends & become friends with your neighbors

Do you know your neighbor? If you do, then good for you; you’re doing it right. Do you know how many people don’t actually know their neighbors? Too many. It’s a sad fact we live in a world when someone can literally live just a few feet away from us for years and we never even know them. Doesn’t it make more sense to get to know one another? Some people are recluses and that’s ok. No one is saying they must socialize or go out for cocktails. The point is, it’s beneficial in the long term to know your neighbors, help them out, be kind, share, and be social and cordial. You never know when you might need their help, and most importantly, to have a friend, a true friend, is more valuable than anything.

43. Less stressful

Living off grid lowers your stress level. How? Easy. Less to worry about. Since your cost of living is lower, and you’re eating healthier because you’re growing your own food, you’re also exercising more, and this releases the good chemicals in your brain that make you feel good. This in turn lowers stress. That, and when you don’t have huge bills over your head every month, that’s a huge relief.

44.Helps you live longer  

Yes, living off the grid helps extend your life because you simply get more exercise and you eat a better diet. When you work on a farm or ranch, or an off grid homestead, you’re always digging, hauling, lifting, moving, dragging, pulling pushing, walking, climbing and sometimes even running all over the property while going through your daily routine. It’s physically demanding, but at the same time, you’ll be in better shape for it. Your physical wellness will extend your life, and if you’re lucky, you could live to be 125 years old and be interviewed by the NYT, asking you what the secret to your long life is.

45. Physical activity makes you 


It’s a scientific fact that physical activity releases “feel-good” chemical (Dopamine, Endorphin, Oxytocin, and Serotonin) in your brain. These makes you feel happier.

46. Saves you money

Living the off grid lifestyle saves you money. When you cut down your monthly expenses by growing your own food, producing your own energy, and building your own shelter, you don’t spend as much as you normally would before. Cutting expenses is a huge boost to your bottom line business wise, and personally speaking will also help to ease your stress level since you won’t have to worry about your monthly mortgage or car payment. You can put the savings in a Junior ISA and secure your child’s future. You can concentrate on what really matters. Family.

47. Saving money helps you provide better for your family

Simply put, when you save money by producing and creating your own resources, this allows you to provide a more stable household for your family. And really, that’s what it’s all about. Being financially stable and secure contributes greatly to your happiness and well being.

48. Sets a good example for your 


By living sustainably you’re also living responsibly, and you will be setting a great example for your children to live by. An example that hopefully, they will pass on to their children and so on.

49. You can have a dog (or 3 of them)

When you live in the city or in an apartment, it’s harder to have a dog because there are rules and regulations and policies and restrictions on what you can do in your own apartment. Even in suburban neighborhoods the covenants and restrictions that come with HOA’s (Home Owners Associations) are extremely limiting.

Grow your own food

50. Grow your own food

This in and of itself could be a book all by itself. The sheer number of benefits of growing your own food are simply innumerable and impossible to measure with any kind of accuracy because it’s an invaluable skill, priceless in it’s contribution to your life and the lives of those you share your food with. The health benefits alone of growing your own food without pesticides, harsh chemicals, and fertilizers is worth more than any health insurance plan. Eating fresh fruits and veggies simply makes you healthier. And without your health, you have nothing. The old adage, “You are what you eat.” is seriously an understatement. It’s not just true, it’s your life. What you eat affects everyone close to you. If you don’t take care of yourself by eating healthy, then your family suffers. Growing your own food should be something everyone does. Especially when you consider the fact that a healthy diet also improves your mood. So, growing your own food should be equated with happiness, really. Happiness is priceless.

51. Wide open spaces

There’s a sense that you feel freer living in the country. The wide open spaces gives you a feeling of freedom such that you can never get living in a city. It’s truly freeing.

52. Supporting your local 

farmer’s market with food 

you grow 

Every town needs a farmer’s market, and that means it’s another opportunity to support your local farmers. Being off-gridders you’re familiar with the hard work that farmers and ranchers put into their properties and you respect that. Buying from your local stock shows and farmer’s markets just makes good sense. It not only supports the farmers and ranchers, it strengthens your whole community, and you get to make new friends!

53. Support for your local food bank

I don’t know many farmers who don’t have a good heart. And that extends to donating food to local food banks and neighbors. When you grow your own food, inevitably you will most likely have some surplus. Maybe your chickens lay too many eggs for you and your family to eat on your own. Every farmer I know has always been the generous type and donated to their neighbors pantry or the local food bank.

54. You get a BIG backyard

You get to run around your yard, and if your property borders national forest, the forested wilderness becomes your backyard. You can run and hike and explore your extended backyard for days on end if you live near the forest. And even if you don’t, having a few acres of land to run around on and spread your wings is a great feeling.

55. You help support local 

businesses and restaurants

Food donations, and affordable fresh fruits and veggies.

56. Help educate local school kids 

Offer field trips and tours of your farm to teach kids the value of living a sustainable life.

57. Wildlife, nature, and animals 

Communing with the natural world is extremely rewarding

58. Brighter skies and better views 

Less light pollution from city lights means you can actually see the night sky again.

59. More peace & quiet

It’s quieter in the country. Once you get used to all the “new noises” of nature.