Where Do You Want to Live Off Grid?


Where Do You Want to Live Off Grid? Well…that depends. Do you have an idea of where you can live off grid? What are your requirements? Land, obviously? But where? Where in the USA do you want to live off grid? what are you going to do for water? Are you going to haul water? Do you want a well, a creek, a pond, lake, river, stream, mountains, desert, waterfront, oceanfront, semi-arid, arid, humid, north, south, midwest, east coast, west coast? Are you in Australia? The UK? Canada? South Africa? New Zealand? Where do you want to be? Do you want solar power? Wind power? Combination of solar and wind power? Battery backup and energy storage system?

Do you want to grow your own food? How? Row cropping, hydroponics, aeroponics, aquaponics, vertical gardening, raised beds, in a greenhouse? How many greenhouses do you need? Do you want meat to eat or are you vegan? How about cows, pigs chickens? How many? Where will you put them? What about property taxes? How do you need your property zoned? Agricultural, residential, combination, forest, commercial? Do you want to run a full-blown farm and farmers market, a CSA (community supported agriculture) or food/produce co-op?

What kind of cabin do you want? Single room simple Dick Proenneke kind of cabin? Or do you want something more comfortable like a big log home? How about a tiny house or shipping container home? Travel trailer or camper, or maybe a mobile home? Or maybe you want a house made from hemp? Do you want a large piece of land 100 acres or more, or would you be content with a smaller parcel 1-5 acres? If you’re thinking of having extra space, you can get a mobile home in Florida with different sizes depending on what you need.

Would you like to live in an off grid community, or do you like your privacy and want to be as far away from civilization as possible? Or could you do something in between and live in a sustainable living development community where everyone works together to help one another out? Do you want to build your own cabin or do you want to do it like the Amish and have an old fashioned barn raising house building party that lasts days and gets the whole community involved?

Would you want to help your neighbor help build their cabin? What kind of skills do you bring to the table? Have you thought of all these things? What about local building codes and ordinances? Covenants and restrictions that may or may not prevent you from building the kind of cabin you want or may prevent you from raising livestock for food? Do the property have legal access and year round access? Is it easy to get in and out of? Did you think about how you’ll get heavy equipment onto your property that you’ll need to construct your home?

What about testing the land for chemicals and making sure the water is safe to drink? Did you think about checking your neighbors and making sure they’re good people, people you can get along with? No one likes a bad or nosey neighbor. Have you thought about your septic system and how you plan to have clean drinking water? If you decide to build your own septic tank, you need to look for a company that provides septic tank cleaning and septic tank pumping services for its maintenance.

Have you found the best place to build your water well and install well pumps? What about power and cable and internet? Will you go with satellite or cable internet? Do you have a business you can run from your off grid homestead from home? Do you have children? Where will they go to school, or will you homeschool them?

How will you make a living off grid while you build your cabin and homestead? Will you move close to a big city, medium sized city or a small town? Having access to important supplies and schools and entertainment is important, not to mention your commute back and forth to work. Where will you work?

This is a BIG reason why people stay where they are. They get all excited about living off grid, and then after looking at land and cabins, and solar systems and planning their garden and how they’ll grow their own food they realize they need access to work. People need to be able to work. How will you live off the land if you have no income?

These and more are all questions that need to be answered before you decide to move off grid? Where do you want to live off grid and what do you want to do? Why? Why do you want to live off grid? Is it for self reliance and independence? Or is it just to live a simpler lifestyle? Are you just tired of the BS in the so-called “real world”? Do you just want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the rat race and society which claims to be civilized but it far from it?

I think if you can answer the why, I think it will help you answer the where. I think the where will come naturally once you figure out the why. If you know your reason why then it’s easier I think you’re a step ahead and one step closer to living off grid.

Don’t worry though! Plenty of people live very happy lives off grid and they have made a success of it. They have their own cabin that they built with their own hands. They grow their own food to eat and produce their own energy through sustainable ways with solar and wind power systems and battery backups to store energy for later use.

You can still have your healthy food and a great big screen TV similar to these 86-inch sized TVs and a nice home and you can even make a living off grid from you home. You can sell your own products and services, do consulting, take pictures, be an artist, a writer, a farmer or rancher. You can build furniture, cabins, or make your own soaps and hand made crafts to sell online. You can start your own farmers market selling your own preserves and produce, create a national brand and sell it online. You can work construction in the local town or if you know a trade you can do that. Just find a place close enough to your work. You can work from home. You can do it.

You can live off grid and be happy. It’s very possible and millions of people do it. It takes 3 things to live off grid. The will to do it, hard work, and money. If you have those 3 things you’re good to go.

There are properties you can buy for very little cash down and small payments. You can sell off everything you own, even your home (click here to know more), and move off grid. You can pay cash for a place and not have to worry about bills because once the land, cabin, garden or farm, water system, and power system are in place, you could essentially live on your off grid homestead indefinitely and independently.

That’s all you need.

  1. Shelter
  2. Food
  3. Utilities

It’s really that simple. Now all you need it to find the right piece of land to build it on.

Fortunately we have that covered for you!

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