This Tool Can Plant Over 200 Seeds In A Matter Of Minutes!


If you’re living, or planning to live, off grid, then you know you’re in for a lot of work. If you are going to try to grow most of your own food, well then you’re in for even more work. Providing enough food for yourself and your family is more than just having a small garden, you are essentially going to be a small scale farmer, or more if you are part of a community that is trying to grow most of its own food on site. Of course, there are a number of ways to save some time and labor when it comes to the various aspects of running your family sized farm.

One gadget that can help you plant your seedlings faster is called the Paperpot, and it can plant over 260 seeds per load in a matter of minutes, and without the need for you to spend most of your days bent over or on  your knees transplanting and prepping. It uses a special paper belt feed system that you fill with soil, then use their system to fill with your seeds for whatever crop(s) you’ll be planting. After it is loaded up, you simply walk up and down your field with the Paperpot in tow, and it does all the work for you. It could be especially useful if you are planning on planting a surplus to sell at the local farmers markets. The time it saves can mean either more time working on other areas of your homestead, the option to expand your fields, or just more downtime with the family (or fishing, hiking, etc).

Going off grid is hard work, so there is nothing wrong in finding ways to lessen the workload and strain. Just as with anything, you should do your own research, and make sure that the product will work for you for any variety of reasons. Most of these types of gadgets work best under certain conditions and with certain crops, but can certainly be a huge advantage in the right circumstances.