How To Go Off Grid and Save Money Too!


If there were a place you could go off grid without having to spend tens of thousands of dollars to buy land or years saving money for a down payment, no credit check and you could own your own cabin, park your travel trailer or tiny home, have access to all the land you need, grow your own food in your own garden, have all the food you need from the community garden, have utilities (solar power, internet, water, septic system) all provided for you, how much is that worth to you? Off grid properties aren’t usually connected to municipal sewer systems so having a septic system installation is recommended.

The average American spends $30k annually on the necessities of life. Shelter (rent), food, and utilities. Some folks spend less, some folks spend more, but the AVERAGE across all American citizens is about $30k per year in living expenses.

NO WONDER PEOPLE ARE HAVING A HARD TIME GOING OFF GRID! They’re too busy trying to keep a roof over their heads, food on the table and clothes on their backs to save money to make the move off grid!

People struggle everyday to raise the money to move off the grid only to have their savings dwindle due to inflation and unexpected bills, all the while delaying the day you can go off grid.

What if there were a place you could go that provided you with ALL this, Housing, Food and sustainable Utilities all for one low price, no credit check and that would save you up to 75% OFF the $30k you’re already paying now for those same bills!? Is that worth looking into? Absolutely it is!

Well, our off grid team are building just that! A place to go that you can move off grid and have the access to all the land you need to grow your garden, build a cabin, (our buy one), park your RV, tiny home, travel trailer, pitch a tent or a Yurt (if you’re into that), go fishing, hiking, camping, and enjoy the community center and the centrally located community garden. Oh! And how about a workshop/warehouse stocked with all the tools and equipment you need to build your cabin or build or repair anything on the property? Is the flooring sturdy and well-built? By checking out a site like, you’ll know how to create good epoxy resin floors for a variety of industrial, residential and commercial settings. And for some great ideas, you may also want to visit this website, You can also try to use the polyurethane resin flooring, which is UV-resistant, to protect it from exposure to sunlight. Perhaps you might want to consider using high-quality epoxy resin flooring that has excellent adhesion to many kinds of surfaces.

Tools and equipment are a HUGE expense for the new homesteader. You must have quality tools right? Or do you? What if you simply had acces to the tools you needed to do a job? What if everyone who lived off grid in your little community had access to them and what if everyone helped everyone with whatever they needed help with? Imagine that. What a novel idea. People helping people.

Well, this is what we’re building now!

How would you like to have access to a community of like-minded off gridders all working together for the greater good of the community while living a sustainable and happy life off the grid.

We’re building just that. We’ve been planning this for years now and have put together an off grid homesteading/camping program that provides everything you need to move off grid without having to wait 5, 10 15 years or more to save money to buy land. (besides, you don’t want a mortgage anyway.)

More to come.

If you’re interested in moving off grid and living the sustainable life then join our list and we’ll send you some information on how to move off grid and live the American Dream.

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  1. The ideas about moving off grid are great. Where is this fabulous place? Does it already exist, or is it being put together at his point? If you are looking for people with certain skills to help make it happen, put the word out. I have developed property and built homes and portable buildings. Is there any way I can help?