Explosive New Technology Uses Solar Panels To Create Hydrogen For Fuel!


Think that solar panels are only for directly generating electricity? Well, you’d be wrong, or soon will be at least. We’ve seen solar panels being used to help pull water from the air in order to produce clean drinking water no matter the environment and now a team in Belgium have used solar panels as a way to help convert water into its component elements to give us hydrogen with can then be used as a clean and renewable energy source of its own, as for cars there are electric and diesel cars, so learning about a Diesel Mechanical Repair is important if you want to own one of these cars.

By using the power from the solar panels to help provide hydrogen gas, they are creating a fuel source that can be stored indefinitely, used to heat homes, businesses, and even fuel cars, trucks (check Affordable Heavy Truck Parts from here), and other vehicles. To get the best car services you can look into this website.

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While it is still only a prototype, they have seen massive improvements in their output recently as they have advanced the design, even on cloudy days, they were recently able to produce up to 250 liters of hydrogen from a single solar unit. While hydrogen is explosive, it doesn’t pose any greater risk than natural gas, which many of us already use to heat our homes, and with advances in technology, these new solar cells will be able to provide a combination of hydrogen for fuel and the electricity we all associate with solar panels.