Leaf Republic Makes Plates That Biodegrade In Less Than A Month!


Plastic waste is a growing concern around the globe, and most of us can see discarded cups, plates, straws, and bottles while out and about for our daily business and activities. It is a huge concern when it comes to the pollution of our water supply, and a mounting issue for wildlife in pretty much any environment.

This is why companies are working on a variety of ways to address the problem, from cleanup, to looking at old ideas and traditions to create a modern solution from more biodegradable and natural components.

One such solution harkens back to traditions of using large leaves as plates and serving platters, but in a manufactured and packaged option that can be used in place of plastic and styrofoam disposable plates.

A German company, Leaf Republic, uses leaves sourced from India, which are then pressed to form sturdy, and biodegradable plates, trays, and containers.

They are waterproof, use multiple layers for a sturdy product, and because they biodegrade in about 28 days, they are a great way to reduce the amount of plastic, and other waste, that would otherwise go into landfills or end up in our environment as pollution, sometimes for decades or more.

This is the type of forward thinking, inspired by older traditions and nature itself, that is going to become more and more important as we require greater resources for our ever advancing world.